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Posted:  27 Mar 2006 16:40
come up with anything cool, or funny, put it here.
"You...complete me."
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 16:51
The Bad Night
by Batman (even though we ALL know batman would NEVER write a poem)

joker got away
this night really stinks
batmobile crashed
gotta work out the kinks
bane held robin at gunpoint
when he'd made a dumb move
knocked out both of his knee joints
nearly got sued
the cops tried to catch me
but i had a date
so i blew up their cop cars
i wouldn't be late
her name is ms. alba
a big movie star
we drive to the club
get out of my car
but then an explosion
batman signal shines bright
i had work to do
it was time to fight
"You...complete me."
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 16:59
can't catch a break
by peter parker (who would actually consider petry if it'd intrigue mary jane)

work was the worst
had to watch the KNICKS
jameson just cursed
when i showed him the pics
j. was so lame
blamed the loss on the hero
was it my fault a guy shot at shaq
i stopped him in time
HEAT went on to win
j. gives it the spin
its spidey fault again!
"You...complete me."
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 17:03
"You...complete me."
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 17:04
"You...complete me."
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 17:05
"You...complete me."
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 17:06
ok, pics aren't working very well
i tried[img]null[/img]http://www.bballone.com/shaqo/heat/images/heat1_resize.jpg
"You...complete me."
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 17:07
there it goes.http://image.guardian.co.uk/sys-images/Film/Pix/gallery/2004/07/13/jjjameson.jpg
"You...complete me."
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 17:11
"You...complete me."
Posted:  28 Mar 2006 00:27
Very clever poetry. What would Superman write or Wolverine?
Posted:  28 Mar 2006 17:23
stinkin media
by the REAL clark kent

hollywood makes me ill
i'm sick of the lies
what's with Smallville
and all its bad guys

if it was like that i'd surely be dead
i might take a krypto bullet to the head

the girls are so hot
but really their not

i make out with lana
i'm best friends with lex
lois is annoying
i'm obsessed with sex

what's the deal here
havent i got wit?
i cant get a break
my new flic is ...!
in reality i'm supposed to be a hero
so why does tv make me a zero
the ugly costume is driving me mad
the new suit just looks bad

people cant remember my golden days
this happened once before
i've ben redesigned in so many ways
i'm not me anymore

what about the time i was nearly outdated
i was considered overrated
i inspired through my death
but that didnt last long,
everything's so wrong

you should look back to my best
i nearly failed to survive
when i beat the elite
in action comics 775

just remember me as i was
i have no say in what happens
so who does!?

"You...complete me."
Posted:  28 Mar 2006 17:25
how's that for a swing at smallville and supe returns!?
"You...complete me."
Posted:  28 Mar 2006 17:26
and wolverine would only consider himself an artist of pain/torture[smirk]
"You...complete me."
Posted:  28 Mar 2006 18:14
insanity reigns
by the joker

batsey tries hard
butt he'll never get me
thinks i'm a retard
can't see the genious in she

harley that is
though she's thick at times
she's good fer the biz
comes along, with evil rhymes

i'm the top dog
noone comes near
i'd kill the rest
just to install fear
ra's al ghul's way too old
killer croc's a dumb ghoal

why they bother i dont even know
if it was for money, i'd drop this show
its not the reward
its fer the fun of the crime
not like twoface
he relies on a dime

poison ivy's just that, an itchy root
and penguin's too obssessed with, "fine" loot

the riddler's too boring
and bane is too fat
i caught robin snoring
so riddle me that

and as for the others, they're way to lame
though rich boy lex certainly knows the game

so it comes down to this
yer gonna wanna leave
"You...complete me."
Posted:  28 Mar 2006 21:44
Bravo very artistic superdude! Keep it up and perhaps the sophisticates of the world might start to visit the site.

What do you think about the new pic I made?
I call it Robin in love.

Posted:  28 Mar 2006 21:45
The Radioactive Spider (part 1)
based on edgar allan poes "the raven"
by SuperDude

one time late in the night, i pondered about a great fight
as i put down my  final copy of avengers
while i yawned nearly sleeping i heard a bang come creeping
'it must be some insomnia guy, banging on my gameroom wall
yeah, that's what it is, that's all

i can remember clearly, back in june
as the Tv's faint picture flickered on the couch
i totally wish it was morning, if only to stop my minds scorning
from my comic boxes i say why, the loss of hawkeye
for the courageous hero named the avengers knew as hawkeye
only remembered from now on

and the wind blows through my tangled hair
i was frightened me, tightened me like a comic never has
and now i kept tellin myself
its a wacko with insomnia at my gameroom wall
surely an insomniac knocking at gameroom wall
yeah, that's it, that's all

my heart skipped a beat, and i got on my feet
'um, dude' 'or chic' sorry about the wait'
i was just snoozin, when you came cruisin'
and you were hardly makin any sound, sound on my wall
i barely heard anything, and i looked through my keyhole on the wall
dust, and that was all

i froze as i kept about, starting to freak out
i was thinkin thoughts nobody ever ventured into
then the silence was shattered and to the ground i clattered
so i squeaked 'hawkeye'
and i just got an echo saying' hawkeye'
and that was all

i turned around fastly, my stomach feeling ghastly
then i heard a really louf thumping
there's gotta be somethin at my window
let me look into the eyes of the attacker
let my heart freeze as i see the attacker
it's just the breeze and the rain's spacker
i renched the window totally out, and with a falsh and a pout
in flung this crazy glowing spider from the pages of amazing fantasy and all
he flew straight, and didnt hesitate
and flung himself to the corner of my wall
sitting on an old web on my wall
he did this, that's all

i felt relieved and started to laugh
it had a very grim and serious looking expression
it was no threat, but a mere radioactive spider
it must have blown in from that tree so tall
seriously spider, tell me did you just fall
quoth the spider, not at all

why the heck was a spider talking?
even though what it said meant nothing to me
i cant help thinking that no normal dude
has ever the chance to see a spider fling onto his wall
it just flew onto the web in the corner of my wall
and saying, not at all

but the spider sitting awkward didnt seem to be a coward
he only said the three words as if that was its only call
then he didnt move itself just stayed self on the web shelf
til i barely said i've had cool friends to call
but tommorow it'll leave and not respond to my call
then the spider said, not at all
"You...complete me."
Posted:  28 Mar 2006 21:47
good pic tim!
"You...complete me."
Posted:  28 Mar 2006 21:59

Is this the same spider that bit Peter Parker?
Posted:  29 Mar 2006 15:25
unless you know of any other radioactive spiders, so i guess this is were it went[smirk]
"You...complete me."
Posted:  29 Mar 2006 15:43
i'm the only sane hero in the lot
by the punisher (even though he would never bla bla bla etc...)

i'm the only guy with reason
i'm the only hero with a plot
parker gone through no real tragidy
though he thinks he's lost a lot
the ff mess around with science
they never really get stuff done
catwoman's of no reliance
she's just here for having fun

daredevil's would be great
but hey the dude's blind
he jumps aroung in scarlet spandex
he's just not my kind

xavier's got a "gifted school"
but his x-men are never there
they talk to much and do too little
i wonder if they really care

captain U.S. is a goody good
and dont tke care of business
he wont hurt noone wont swat a fly
what the hecks up with this guy

his crew avengers are just a nuisance
they wanna take care of the common brother
but how are they supposed to do this when they just fight each other

the ultimate "U" is composed of kids
and whos nick fury, whats with you
shield is a waste of feds
dont cry nick, heres a tissue

"You...complete me."
Posted:  29 Mar 2006 15:50
Cool, you know the Punisher reminds me of Dirty Harry. Now what would a Dirty Harry poem sound like?
Posted:  29 Mar 2006 16:05
the radioactive spider part 2
guesser! i yelled, just a lucky guess!  surely your the reason for my mess!
wether a trick, or a taunt, or evil gall
you just crazy, im just mad
you display my memories of hawkeye's last brawl
just let me ferget hawkeye's cry in his last brawl
quoth the spider, not at all

guesser! i yelled, just a lucky guess!  surely your the reason for my mess!
from the skies you call, from the heavens so tall
i'm just sad so leave me alone, cant you hear my stomach groan?
my heart shrieks for the death of hawkeye not small
who the avengers saw throw into the spaceship not small
quoth the spider, not at all

let that be your final dwelling! i started yelling
go back to the lab near the mall!
dont leave a single web, as a sign of your dread!
let me go and sleep and swing back from the wall!
get your legs off my skull and get out from that wall!
quoth the spider, not at all

and the spider never moves, not a single groove
on the humble bench shaped web in the corner of my wall
and its eyes are still glaring with a realness that is scaring
and the disco light still shines his shadow all over the wall
and my mind is molding from that shadow all over the wall
it will stop, not at all!
"You...complete me."
Posted:  29 Mar 2006 17:10
pitiful struggle
by dick grayson

people dont understand
im not tim drake, im a man

dont know what bruce was thinkin
when he put that stinkin
11 year old up against villains

my image is ruined with batgirl and all
thats why i switched to nightwing
i fugured, why should i take the fall
but there's still this one thing

i've got no respect, people cant get the image
i'm the old robin, i should create some fear
and not even bruce seems to care, i'm still "too young"
i've even had my own comic, for over a year!

so give me  break
lemme here ya sing
i'm not tim drake
i'm the nightwing!

"You...complete me."
Posted:  30 Mar 2006 00:04
Bravo Superdude.

Hey you mention Hawkeye that reminds me. Has he been brought back to life in the Avengers yet or is he still dead.

You know nobody stays dead in comics except for Marvel Comics Captain Marvel. I think he's stayed dead.
Posted:  31 Mar 2006 12:31
he was brought back in House of M
see, pulse #10
"You...complete me."
Posted:  31 Mar 2006 17:55   Last Edited By: Tim
Thanks check out my Dirty Harry Rap

I think it needs a little more work, but what the hey.
Posted:  31 Mar 2006 19:22
i'm likin the jim carreyness!
"You...complete me."
Posted:  31 Mar 2006 19:29
Posted:  31 Mar 2006 20:24
yeah iz those little sorta ppuns that make sumthin great
"You...complete me."
Posted:  06 Apr 2006 12:16
stomped on batman
it fely really good
then i just ran
he knew that i would
i'd do it again, i'd do it right now
i'd do it just to hear him say
"You...complete me."

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