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Time-Rider The Story Inside ATTA
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Posted:  22 Dec 2010 21:50   Last Edited By: Tim
This is part of a journal released by the Freedom of Information Act in the year 2060.

Jack Stockton Journal Entry 2010

I've been assigned to the ATTA Project for 2 years now. In that time I've been informed that the world I knew no longer exists. To the outside world nothing has changed, but everyone in here in the time warp protected halls of ATTA knows better.

From the friends I've made since stationed here, I now know there are at least 5 other distorted time-lines depending on their individual enlistment date. It's probable none of us will ever see home again, at least as we know it. In fact, as of this writing I no longer even exist in the outside world. My parents have ceased to exist. Would I also disappear into oblivion if I were to venture out of ATTA, I do not know. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to find out. I may have to re-enlist till doomsday if need be to survive.

How did all these time-lines come into existence? As a lower ranking soldier of ATTA, I can only guess it has something to do with Project Time-Reaver. An earlier failed project classified Project Victory was re-established to reign in the source of the time anomalies, but I've overheard some of the big brain scientists, and they seem to feel that every action by either this Time-Rider from Project Victory or Time-Reaver will cause further rips and tears in the time stream.

I spoke to a SGT. Reynolds this morning, and heard an incredible story of a world with flying cars, jet packs for children, a world where there never was an attack on 911 on the towers. Reynolds told me, of all things, that Michael Jordan was the first black President, and he had never heard of President Obama before. Elvis is still alive. Cancer was cured years ago, and John Wayne was even still kicking. People lived to be over a hundred years old easy. Is he delusional? I don't know, you tell me. In my time we never had school shootings or the great recession of 2008. It's as if this Time-Reaver were almost set upon sending us farther and farther back till we hit the stone age.

Today your wife might have blond hair and blue eyes and respond to the name Bambi, tomorrow she might be a school teacher named Alice. Your kids, your home, even your entire country can change right underneath you. Reality is no longer set.

Where ever you are when you read this. If you still pray, if you still have any kind of faith left at all in your civilization. Pray to God for the sakes of all humanity. No matter what the future may hold, maybe God might see fit to set things back the way they were before Project Time-Reaver.

Merry Christmas, and may God have mercy on us all. Godspeed Time-Rider!


Time-Reaver by Jerod
Posted:  23 Dec 2010 17:53
Like it! Is more coming?
Posted:  23 Dec 2010 22:29   Last Edited By: Tim
Thanks, Jerod, there might be as time allows and some ideas creep into my head. I wanted to kind of give an idea of whats going on the world of Time-Rider. Like to set the stage for future comic book stories if I can.

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