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Green Hornet & Adam West TV Images
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Posted:  11 Jan 2011 20:53   Last Edited By: Tim
Since the new movie is coming out I thought it would be neat to see some pics of the old Green Hornet and I found some of these from the Batman and Green Hornet teamup with Adam West, Burt Ward, Van Williams, and of course Bruce Lee.


Green Hornet and Batman

I thought this one with the Batmobile and Green Hornet's Black Beauty was a great find.

Van Williams, Adam West, and Bruce Lee

Green Hornet TV Images Green Hornet Store Bruce Lee workout
Posted:  13 Jan 2011 00:47
Here's the actual episode.

Green Hornet vs Batman part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 04:47
Good stuff. Anyone seeing Green Hornet this weekend?
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 07:18
I recorded the whole marathon. I've watched two episodes so far (I fell asleep during the second one and by the time I woke up Bruce Lee was just finishing off the bad guys.) and it seems pretty corny, but I try not to take the show too seriously and just have fun with it.
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 15:31
Oh, man what channel is the marathon on? I guess it's over by now.

I'm hoping to see Green Hornet Saturday.
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 19:35
I think they showed the whole series. I looked it up on the Internet and saw that there was 26 episodes in the series, and I think that was how many that was on my DVR. And the marathon was on SyFy, but maybe they'll show it again.
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 20:06
Shoot, I don't get SyFy channel. I watch their main shows like Eureka and Warehouse 13 because they post them on the net. I bet they don't ever post any re-runs. I wonder if this means a DVD set for the Green Hornet is coming out soon? Right now all there is are boot leg copies and the episodes that were put together into a movie.
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 20:31
With the new movie coming out, and Green Hornet becoming popular again, they might release the old series on dvd.

The only thing that bothered me about the show is that when I watched the first two, he was already the Green Hornet and there were two people who already knew his identity (one of them, his secretary I couldn't tell if she really knew or not because they only talked when they were in front of a bunch of people, but in the intro it said she knew his secret. I wondered if that had just not happened yet. I wanted to see how it all started, and I didn't get to see that.
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 21:42
I think years ago, a lot of shows like that would just start off with the characters already doing their thing without any origin story. Although I have seen a Lone Ranger origin episode. I'm pretty sure the Batman TV show didn't have any type of origin story, and it was made by the same folks, I reckon. Of course the George Reeves Superman show had an origin episode. Maybe that was a 1960's thing.

I wonder if the movie is going to mention the Lone Ranger being kin to the Green Hornet? That would be cool.
Posted:  14 Jan 2011 23:57
The Lone Ranger is related to the Green Hornet? I didn't know that.
Posted:  15 Jan 2011 00:36
Yeah, I tried to find exactly when that notion of kinship started, but I can't seem to locate it. I was reading in wiki, they both started from the same radio station. They were both created by George W. Trendle.

It did say this on wiki - In 1989, NOW Comics introduced a line of Green Hornet comics, initially written by Ron Fortier and illustrated by Jeff Butler. It attempted to reconcile the different versions of the character into a multigenerational epic. This took into account the character's ancestral Lone Ranger, though due to the legal separation of the two properties, his mask covered his entire face (as in the Republic serials) and he could not be called by name. In this interpretation, the Britt of the radio series had fought crime as the Hornet in the 1930s and 1940s before retiring. In NOW's first story, in Green Hornet #1 (Nov. 1989), set in 1945, the nationality of the original Kato (named in this comic series Ikano Kato) is given as Japanese, but that because of that era's American racism toward Japanese, Reid referred to Kato as Filipino in order to prevent Kato's being sent to an American internment camp.

I almost know there had to be some other source referencing them as related. Just can't remember.
Posted:  15 Jan 2011 02:06
I looked it up myself and found something:

The Green Hornet character premiered on January 31, 1936 over the airwaves of Detroit radio station WXYZ, the same outlet that started broadcasting “The Lone Ranger” three years earlier.  Though both featured masked heroes and helpful sidekicks (Tonto and Kato), this series was designed to feature one white-collar man taking down political corruption during the Great Depression.  Only in 1947, in an episode titled “Too Hot to Handle,” were the two heroes (both created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker) officially connected in the story.  The Lone Ranger (John Reid) was the uncle of newspaper tycoon Dan Reid, who was the father of Britt Reid, aka The Green Hornet.

Posted:  15 Jan 2011 02:48
Older image I did:
Posted:  15 Jan 2011 18:40
I almost posted your picture yesterday, Jerod.
Thanks for finding the info, Rick Jones. I plan on trying to see the Green Hornet today if I can.
Posted:  15 Jan 2011 21:18
I plan on seeing either that movie or Season of the Witch tomorrow or Monday. I haven't decided on which movie yet.
Posted:  16 Jan 2011 23:05
I saw the Green Hornet yesterday, here's my review

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