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Retro Superhero T-shirts
Superhero Costumes
Posted:  18 Jan 2011 23:41   Last Edited By: Tim
Retro Superhero T-shirts

Buy this Batman Retro shirt
This one is a classic comic book Batman probably the 70's I think.

 Buy The Bionic Woman JAMIE and MAXIMILIAN Adult Yellow T-shirt Tee Shirt

Need to get this one for my wife.

Buy the Six Million Dollar Man shirt

Wonder Twins Zan and Jayna logo shirts that are great to wear on Saturday Mornings when you put in your Super Friends DVD while you eat your organic cheerios. The cereal helps you relive the old days without all the harmful sugar. Wait, am I the only one that does that?

Wonder Twins Zan T-Shirt

DC Comics Superfriends Wonder Twins Jayna T-shirt

How cool is that? Wonder Twin Powers activate!

Order from Amazon

Superman - Mens Shield Logo T-Shirt

more Retro Superhero shirts
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 21:54   Last Edited By: Tim
Got to love Underdog. It's a wonder DC never sued Underdog or Mighty Mouse for being too much like Superman isn't it.

Underdog looking like he just had one of his energy pills on this shirt.

Underdog Mens T-Shirt - Smiling Star Power Cartoon Image

Recently, I've been re-watching Underdog on DVD, and it is pretty entertaining despite some rather silly moments like when Underdog has to have his girlfriend Polly open his ring to give him his energy pill. I mean, how weak can you get that you can't open a small secret compartment on a ring. Why did he always forget to take that pill before it was too late?
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 22:00   Last Edited By: Tim
I love this a retro Christopher Reeve Superman shirt. May only be available for a short time. Hate that.

Buy from Amazon

more Christopher Reeve shirts
Posted:  30 May 2014 00:33
Holy t-shirts Batman!

Batman Classic TV DC Comics Courageous Warriors Women's T-Shirt
Order from Amazon

The Caped Crusader -- Batman TV Show Adult T-Shirt
Order this Batman shirt at Amazon

More Adam West Batman shirts

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