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Posted:  08 Mar 2011 21:16
Ape Entertainment and Classic Media have announced that the publisher will be adding the Casper's Scare School property to its KiZoic line of all-ages titles.

The series will feature Casper the Friendly Ghost and all of the characters from the CGI-animated Casper/s Scare School television series.

Based on the 2006 film, Casper's Scare School, the television series premiered in the United States in 2009 on Cartoon Network. In Scare School, Casper has a new assignment: to get in touch with his spooky side.

"Anyone who grew up on comic books is familiar with Casper the Friendly Ghost," said Ape Entertainment founder and co-publisher Brent E. Erwin. "What Scare School does is reinvent the character for a new generation of fans, while never losing what appealed to the original readers who first fell in love with Casper decades ago."

Casper's Scare School will launch in October.

"It's classic Casper but with a slight contemporary spin," Erwin said. "And while a lot of the old material featured only Casper at its core, Scare School stars a cast of colorful characters that the entire family can enjoy."

source: http://www.comicscontinuum.com/stories/1103/08/index.htm

I like the old Casper. Don't know much about this new series. Sounds like it's for the little ones.

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