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uncanny tales question
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Posted:  14 Mar 2011 22:19
Today I picked up a copy of Uncanny Tales #79. from a second hand shop. It's clearly a Uk reprint because it has a cover price of 1 shilling and 5 pence. So it's pre- 1971. Published by Alan Class & Co. But it has Daredevil on the cover. But has no date printed anywhere on it. The Daredevil story is called 'In the mists of Life' and features Death's-head as the villian plus DD reveals his identity to Karen Page?  and is followed by Spinout on 5th Avenue with the Stunt Master.
Just wondering if anyone knows which issues theses are reprints from and the date?
Posted:  14 Mar 2011 23:03
I know from research that Deaths Head is a UK Marvel character created in the 90's if that helps any.
Posted:  14 Mar 2011 23:33
According to the story  Death's-Head was Karen Pages father who was driven mad by some experiment. He had a horse who he injected with some serum which made the horses flesh disappear!! Leaving the bones visible!! A cop in the story says "Who's this Ghost Rider?" Which actually might tie in with the Stuntmaster character who if memory serve me right was the charater which influenced the look of Blaze's Ghost Rider. So the original print would have to be before Ghost Rider was revamped?
Posted:  15 Mar 2011 14:31
Maybe this Deaths Head character isn't the same one I've read about. I've actually got one comic with Deaths Head in it.

Are you talking about this Ghost Rider who was a western version riding on a horse later referred to as the Phantom Rider?

Posted:  15 Mar 2011 22:10
I think the cop in the story is making a reference to this Ghost Rider because Deaths-Head was riding towards him on a skeleton horse. (Though actually it was Daredevil bound and gagged make to look like Deaths-Head) Story credits are for Stan Lee editor, Roy Thomas as writer and Gene Colan was the artist, Inked by Syd Shores.
Posted:  16 Mar 2011 14:37
The credits definitely say 60's early 70's that's for sure. So it doesn't say on the first page? They usually have something there that says reprinted from either on the very bottom with all the legal mumbo jumbo or on the side somewhere.
Posted:  16 Mar 2011 18:45
There's no date anywhere on it. It doesn't even say Marvel Comics anywhere on it. It does mention a crime boss called Crimewave who noone knows what he looks like.
Posted:  16 Mar 2011 20:21
That's a definitely a tough one.
Posted:  30 Oct 2011 23:10
oh! i need Uncanny Tales #79 for my collection too

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