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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community if they should make a movie? 
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if they should make a movie?
Superhero Costumes
Posted:  20 Jun 2005 08:37
if they make a movie i hope they don't change the costume like they did with Catwoman.
Posted:  20 Jun 2005 16:11
There will be a movie in 2006 by Joss Whedon, director of Buffy and Angel.

Here's Wikipedia:

In 2005, a new Wonder Woman movie was announced with Joss Whedon, who has considerable experience with female action heroes with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, writing and directing. Whedon has been quoted as saying his interpretation of the hero will not wear "star-spangled panties", raising concern that he may be planning to redesign the character in some way
Posted:  20 Jun 2005 19:52
well if its that Director, then Wonder Woman will be the same like in the JLA/JLU, kicking but.

so whos gunna play Wonder Woman?
Posted:  21 Jun 2005 16:16
Couldn't find that.
Posted:  24 Jun 2005 21:21
Rumor's are that the actresses in the running are of course Sarah Michelle Gellar and others
Posted:  09 Jul 2005 08:01
SMG is one actress being discussed (not necessarily by Whedon, he's keeping his mouth shut).
Charisma Carpenter is another.
Catherine Bell, Mischa Barton, Eva Longoria, Monica Bellucci, Evangeline Lilly, Jessica Biel, taylor Cole, and Morena Baccarin were all mentioned in a recent copy of Wizard magazine along with Sarah Michelle Gellar as possible contenders.
Personally, I hope he sticks with a tall actress: 5'9" and up.
The smart thing to do is probably to go with a relative unknown for Wonder Woman, and get big names to play Steve Trevor, Hippolyta, and whoever the villain or villainess may be. However, Hollywood is not always known for its smarts.
Posted:  10 Jul 2005 03:28
I heard that Alexis Bledel could be W/Woman too. Shes a bit young....
Posted:  11 Jul 2005 16:07
wasn't there a rumor that sandra bullock might be wonder woman
if not, my bad i dont follow D.C. that closely.
"You...complete me."
Posted:  11 Jul 2005 16:08

"You...complete me."
Posted:  16 Jul 2005 18:30
I think Asia Argento ( Land of the Dead ) would be ideal for the title role.
Posted:  01 Nov 2005 18:24
Here's the latest on the new Wonder Woman movie!

"In an interview with Suicide Girls, director Joss Whedon talks about updating Princess Diana's look. "We're definitely have a nicer look than that," Whedon said. "It will be the Wonder Woman silhouette, but the star spangled adult diapers are gone. Wonder Woman is going to have major special effects because she's Wonder Woman. Joel and I are very much on the same page about how big this movie is and what kind of movie it is. I'm not worried about any conflict there. But with Joel, he wakes up and there's conflict but it's the good kind. The kind that makes good movies."

Man this makes me angry. If Whedon is just using the name Wonder Woman to get a big budget and the WB is falling for it. It's not Wonder Woman if she doesn't look like Wonder Woman. Dude sounds like he hates the American flag too.
Posted:  05 Dec 2005 21:02
Posted:  16 Dec 2005 21:11   Last Edited By: Super stupid
if they were 2 make a movie dnt ya fink dey shud do a porn flick featurin superman so dey both can get randy imagin tha baby!!!!!!
Posted:  16 Dec 2005 21:14
Dat was my bro hes crazy
Posted:  20 Dec 2005 21:55
i like to move it move it[img]null[/img]

Posted:  20 Dec 2005 22:09
Posted:  04 Apr 2006 15:07
I'm 5, 9/10 and unknown

Posted:  04 Apr 2006 15:30
Well let's see can you bench press a mac truck and leap about 50 ft into the air?
Posted:  04 Apr 2006 15:34
come on tim, everyone can do that![smirk]
"You...complete me."
Posted:  04 Apr 2006 16:03
Well I see your point. Ever since I injured my side muscle I've only been able to bench press volkswagen bugs.

Posted:  04 Apr 2006 16:27
Well let's see can you bench press a mac truck and leap about 50 ft into the air?

My answer: No, so nevermind.. WE COULD GET A STUNTDOUBLE! yes : D
Posted:  04 Apr 2006 17:25
or we could get someone that acted AND jumped 50ft. in the air
"You...complete me."
Posted:  05 Apr 2006 15:15
yeah I hear people that have been exposed to gamma rays are pretty strong. Maybe we could have a green Wonder Woman.
Posted:  05 Apr 2006 15:40
and i bet if we had a bunch of spiders bite them, they'd get lucky like spidey
"You...complete me."
Posted:  05 Apr 2006 22:25
Pff, NO

I will be the next wonder woman.

dammit! > : - (


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