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Discuss the Top 10 Greatest Superhero Shows of All Time Article
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Posted:  08 Apr 2011 00:21   Last Edited By: Tim
Read Top 10 Greatest Superhero Shows of All Time then discuss it here.

What are your picks? Which superhero shows do you think are the most popular of all time, or just discuss the ones you think should be the most popular of all time.

Criteria I used for this list are the show's hero has to either have some kind of super power, or superhero costume, mask etc like Batman, and must have been featured in a comic book series. The popularity of the show at the time, later in reruns, and it's impact on the character as a whole will be taken into consideration, but what it boils down to is one man's opinion of the evidence.

Posted:  08 Apr 2011 15:15   Last Edited By: wayne clayton
For me the choice is pretty simple. Back in the 70's when I was a mere youth my Favourite shows was always 1. Batman 2.The incredible Hulk joint 3. Bionic Man & Woman. 4. Wonder Woman. After thoses I'd watch Man from Atlantis. I dodn't know if you'd count it or not but if you were a kid growing up in the late 70's in the UK then you'd be watching BBC2 at 5 o'clock to watch Monkey!!

Posted:  08 Apr 2011 15:35   Last Edited By: Tim
I never heard of Monkey, I guess he was something you all got from Japan.

I actually wanted to put the Man from  Atlantis on the list, but besides running out of spots, I don't think he actually was or has been that popular over time. He did have a comic book series though. I have a couple of issues in my collection. I remember liking that show a lot, but you know I don't think I've seen it since I was a kid. Amazing how childhood memories will stick to you while yesterday seems like a blur.

Posted:  09 Apr 2011 09:59
Do the shows have to be based on real life characters or can even cartoons be discussed?
Posted:  09 Apr 2011 15:14
To be discussed, no. No discuss any character or show you want. I gave criteria for my article list, but discussion is wide open.

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