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Green Lantern Movie Reviews and Opinions
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Posted:  17 Jun 2011 15:04   Last Edited By: Tim
I'm hoping to see Green Lantern tomorrow and then coming back with my review.

I'm very surprised to find out there are a lot of bad reviews coming out from the critics according to http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20110617/review_nm/us_greenlantern

Of course it may be one of those times where the critics trash a really good movie. Critics don't usually represent my view point on a movie. I've really had a feeling this movie was going to do very well so I guess I'll be shocked if it bombs.

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Post your thoughts or reviews of the picture.
Posted:  18 Jun 2011 23:45
Movie was very good, but not great. Don't like paying for 3D, but decided this one might be worth it and it was especially for the stuff on Oa. Reynolds makes a good Jordan. My wife knows little about GL, but was able to follow the story, so that's a good sign. I'd recommend it, but also rate XMen as better.
Posted:  18 Jun 2011 23:46
Just saw the movie, got interrupted twice by a power outage from a big thunderstorm we had.

Movie was good I thought. It's certainly not the worst movie in the world, and it's definitely not a bomb like Jonah Hex. I think it could have been longer. Seemed a little short. The effects were great, story was good. Ryan Reynolds was good. It was funny at times and entertaining. I thought the GL Oath was well used to good effect.

Wasn't the most exciting movie all time granted. Like I said it did feel a little short. I would have liked to see more of GL getting used to powers and getting to enjoy them. The guy is flying with that ring like Superman that should have been a bigger deal.

I'm probably going to add it to my DVD collection when it comes out if that tells you anything. I think it's the kind of movie I can watch more than once although I wish there was more fighting. I like all GL deals with Paralax in the movie, but I think Sinestro would have been the better villain.

I'm not saying nothing, but from the scene at the end of the movie, the sequel looks like it could be a lot better. I'm hoping this one makes enough to get one.
Posted:  19 Jun 2011 18:52
GL made to No. 1 with $52.7 million this first week of its release.
Posted:  19 Jun 2011 22:30
Did anyone notice when it appeared Sinestro conjured up Captain America's shield? Happens fast but I'm sure I saw at least the circular rings, but not sure about the center star.
Posted:  20 Jun 2011 14:23
The electricity went off during that scene so I'm not sure. By the time I got back from the bathroom it was back up and running and I missed the last part of the Sinestro/Hal Jordan training fight.
Posted:  26 Jun 2011 18:33   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
Finally got around to seeing this movie yesterday. I heard a lot of bad things about it but I really enjoyed it. Very interesting story and great special effects. Loved the fight scenes. I'm looking forward to Green Lantern 2 with Sinestro as the villain.

Jerod, I saw what you were talking about, there were circular rings like Cap's shield but no star.

I think Thor still takes the cake as the best comic book movie, but I would at least rate it in the Top 5:

1. Thor
2. Spider-Man
3. Spider-Man 2
4. Batman Begins
5. Green Lantern

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