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Deadlaw has arrived!
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Discuss Deadlaw Issue 6
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Posted:  21 Jun 2011 19:30
Read Deadlaw 6 and then comment here.


Tim Frady story and art

Co-Artist Jerod Blayney

I would have never got finished if Jerod hadn't sent me some cool World War II pics with Deadlaw.

I had a lot of fun putting it together, hope you all enjoy it.  This issue we finally get a better idea of wher Deadlaw's powers are from, and his hidden origins.

I wish I had more time because there's a lot more I would have liked to put in this one.
Posted:  21 Jun 2011 19:45
Pretty good story. I like the action scenes. Adding the old karate master add was a nice touch too.
Posted:  21 Jun 2011 20:08
Thanks, I wanted to put another ad in there too, but it's already taking me so long to get this issue out.
Posted:  21 Jun 2011 20:36
Its great to finally find out about Deadlaw's powers or at least partially...and I especially liked Hyde's banter with Dracula about the Big Mac and then hitting him with a Mac Truck. Priceless!!
Posted:  21 Jun 2011 22:09
Very nice stuff. And very useful too
Posted:  21 Jun 2011 23:57
cool story wayne glad to see Deadlaw back in action,the art really tied in well
Posted:  22 Jun 2011 00:49
I can't take any credit for this story it's all Tim and Jerod.
Posted:  22 Jun 2011 01:12
lolol i meant tim i was reading your comment while i was typing!! good work Tim and jerod
Posted:  22 Jun 2011 04:47
Tim- Really came out well. Fun seeing how you blended the imaegs together to fit your story. Great choice for the cover. I may want to take a stab at the fourth monster mentioned on page 10. Good stuff!!!
Posted:  22 Jun 2011 14:21
Thanks guys, I had a lot of fun working on it.

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