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Warners Going Ahead with Green Lantern Sequel
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Posted:  27 Jun 2011 15:58   Last Edited By: Tim
According to the hollywoodreporter, Warner Bros is going ahead with a sequel to Green Lantern. I'm almost surprised by this since all the beating GL took critically. Warner Bros says their disappointed in the the box office but they still believe in the franchise.


Green Lantern cost $200 million to produce before a sizeable marketing spend .

I have my theories on why they might be going forward with the sequel despite critical reviews and low box office. By the time you figure in world wide box office, toys, TV rights, and DVD sales it's not that big a loss. Reports have them spending a 100 million dollar in promotion. That's a big investment to walk away from. Now they've got their foot in the door so to speak, everybody has at least heard of Green Lantern now. To make more money the next sequel though they'll probably have to convince a lot of critics they have a better product before hand. It's all political in a way.

My opinion after seeing the movie was positive. I think it was great. I think the tide just rolled the wrong way on GL. It wasn't a perfect movie, there were a couple of spots that didn't flow exactly right, but it was not a bad movie at all, and I'm looking forward to seeing Green Lantern take on Sinestro.

So bring on another Green Lantern movie. Screw the critics!

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Oh, and one other plus to Warner Bros announcing a sequel now, this way more people are liable to go see this movie now that it's not dead. It's like nobody watches a TV series they figure will be canceled.
Posted:  28 Jun 2011 14:30   Last Edited By: Tim
Comicbookmovie.com just posted this

While a top studio source told THR on Sunday that Warners was proceeding with plans for a follow-up film, a studio spokesman said Monday that no decision has been reached.

So maybe a GL sequel is not a sure bet.

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