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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Any one know anything about this poster? 
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Any one know anything about this poster?
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Posted:  01 Aug 2011 01:52   Last Edited By: jay1981
Does anyone know anything about this poster. I have not been able to find anything about it. The guy that i got it from said it was worth a considerable amount of money but i have not been able to confirm. Any help is appreciated.

Posted:  01 Aug 2011 02:35
i would say look for a signature and google his name/dc/poster  that might help
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 02:44
Based on the look of the characters, it seems to be late 80s-very early 90s...
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 03:13
I have tried googling it 1000 different ways. The signature reads jurgens. I cant even find a picture of this poster.

I am a mover and this poster was in a couples house. Apparently the guys ex wife bought it for him and his new girlfriend didnt want it around cause it was from  her. As i was walking out with it the guy asked what i was doing and i told him his gf gave it to me. He looked at her and said thats a $2000 poster. She said " too bad its from your ex i dont want it here".
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 03:32
That'd be Dan Jurgens. He did allot of stuff in the 90s. Maybe it's a special lithograph. Otherwise, unless it's some type of original artwork, it's hard to see $2000......
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 03:48
http://www.boosterrific.com/news.php?search=dan%20jurgens skroll downthis is what i found...
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 03:58
All I can add is that it looks like a Justice League of America (JLA)wrap around cover.Although the figures seem laid out for a special poster. I'd say late 80's early 90's. The only way to tell is to look at the back of the art work. I would think if it was a piece for print it would have a label stuck to the back of the board with details. In which case take it to a picture framers and have them check and reseal it up.
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 04:14   Last Edited By: wayne clayton
bingo I've got the skinny on it

Justice League Poster by Dan Jurgens (1991)
Booster Gold was included in the "giant one-sheet" Justice League Poster released in 1991 to celebrate the "new direction" of the Justice League America and Justice League Europe titles launched with Justice League Spectacular. According to the solicitation in the February 1992 Direct Currents newsletter, "Superman commands the center of attention as he assumes the helm of the League in this full-process color poster featuring the entire new lineup of JLA and JLE." The 22-inch by 28-inch poster was drawn by Dan Jurgens, inked by Rick Burchett, and sold for $5.95. (Image provided by Jesster.)

Of course now is the question is it the orginal artwork or the print?
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 04:16
Yep Dan Jurgens it's probably from ninety two ninety three. I doubt unless its San autographed custom printed piece that its actual value would be anywhere near two grand. Its a cool piece for sure tho.
Hindsight is always 20/20...
But looking back it's still abit fuzzy. Dave Mustaine
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 05:29
How do i tell if it is original or a print?
Posted:  01 Aug 2011 05:56
I would think an original would be on art board. Therefore it would be alot thicker than if it was printed on normal poster paper. It would also have a matt finish plus you'd probably be able to see some slight variation in the black ink areas maybe even water or brush marks. A print would have a glossy finish to the paper and the black areas would be solid black. Plus with an original you might also see the pencil lines under the black ink if you look close enough in the right light. Also check the measurements. Usually the orginal would be bigger than the print.

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