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Captain America 70's TV Movies DVD
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Posted:  01 Sep 2011 16:48
This DVD set is for us old guys where were kids in the 70's and 80's. The two Captain America TV movies are available in one DVD set in October.

Captain America appeared in two 1979 live-action television movies that aired on CBS: Captain America, which aired January 19, 1979, and Captain America II: Death Too Soon, which aired November 23, 1979, both starring Reb Brown in the title role.

Captain America / Captain America II: Death Too Soon Amazon order page

Captain America / Captain America II: Death Too Soon

Posted:  02 Sep 2011 02:54
So, Amazon is our only purchase option for this release? Is it availiable at Wal-Mart?
Don't you ever laugh as the hearse goes by,For you may be the next to die.
Posted:  02 Sep 2011 14:21
That I'm not sure of. I post links to Amazon mainly because that's how I get dough. I'm sure the big movies like Captain America First Avenger will be there, but sometimes it's not always easy to find stuff like 70's Cap movies. I find you never know what you'll find at Walmart. I always look through the 5 dollar boxes, but only in a blue moon do I find something worth adding to my DVD collection. I did find a movie the other day for 5 dollars from the 80's I love a lot, The Last Starfighter. Right now it's 5.99 at Amazon, but  usually I find Amazon is cheaper on a lot of DVDs, but then they have huger selection. I tend to hunt down and wait for DVD sets to get cheaper before I buy them most of the time.
Posted:  03 Sep 2011 01:00
Good point. I rarely find anything in those 5 dollar bins worth picking up either. But, I'd imagine since this is the first time these versions of Cap are being released on DVD ... They'll at least stock them up in the new release section. But who knows? I remember when Howard The Duck was first released (or rather when I first saw his dvd) he was in the 5 dollar bin. So it all depends. But, then again Wally World may not even carry these releases at all. I may pick them up eventually! But, October is a HOT month for superhero dvd releases (along with 2 in September) ... I gotta spend my money wiseley.
Don't you ever laugh as the hearse goes by,For you may be the next to die.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 16:02
Clip Reel from the DVD release of Captain America / Captain America II: Death Too Soon (Double Feature).

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