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Discuss Amazing Tales 2 with Cyber Jack and Time-Rider
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Posted:  14 Sep 2011 18:51

Read Amazing Tales #2 here

and discuss it here.

Hope you all enjoy reading Amazing Tales #2. This time Time-Rider, Windfire, and Cyber Jack teamup to save some kids from a land beyond time and space.

It's a bit of a tribute to the old TV series Land of the Lost. In my story this land is sort of a catch all for lost time lines as well as a portal to many other worlds. I didn't really say why in the story but Time-Reaver escapes into this lost world trying to get away from Time-Rider and possibly to gain access to all the doorways into other worlds. All those time storms caused by Reaver and the Time-Rider may have been what opened up a door that sucked in the Marshall family from the start. Reaver's body has taken quite a beating as A.T.T.A discovered too late for him that the general human populace cannont sustain constant time travel without physical consequences. In this story it has began to show in Reaver's mind and face which has turned white as a ghost.

Cyber Jack is here to save the kids and bring back Time-Rider from the land of lost time.

Read it here
Posted:  14 Sep 2011 23:48
As good as the last issue was, I think this issue was a little better. Good action, and good story.

That one panel with the Statue of Liberty was from Planet of the Apes wasn't it?

I have to ask, what is Cyber Jack's problem with Time-Rider?
Posted:  14 Sep 2011 23:53   Last Edited By: funboy118 2
yeah i agree great story. mabe cyberjack and hyde next? anyway i love the covers nice classic feel
....................................................guy being shot ^
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 02:05   Last Edited By: Tim
Cyber Jack's problem with Time-Rider

They just like to aggravate one another plus TR has more of silliness about him sometimes and Cyber is more about being professional and serious about business. Jack may need to loosen up a bit, being a soldier all those years without a family can make a guy irritable sometimes.

That one panel with the Statue of Liberty was from Planet of the Apes wasn't it?

I thought I'd sneak that one in there. I was going to put a reference to Uncle Jack too in the story. The actor that played Uncle Jack on the Land of the Lost TV show had actually just came from the Planet of the Apes TV show. I never got around to referencing him. If you didn't watch the show, Uncle Jack took over for Rick Marshall when he supposedly made it out of the Land of the Lost.

Glad you all like it. I'll try to sneak in Hyde sometime in the future funboy. I got to figure out what story idea I want to work on next. I'd like to do another Deadlaw and then maybe some new characters and just mix it all up.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 02:18
tim do i have permishon to do a deadlaw one shot?
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 02:22
Nice adventure! Really like the concept on page 10: "It's a graveyard for lost realities and probably a doorway to a million more". Really sits the stage for just about anything. Have you thought of a name for this place yet; Reality Nexus? Since Land of the Lost (TV series) ended without a true resolution to their situation, this is a good substitution.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 02:41
Not sure on the name yet, how about land of lost time and space? Reality Nexus is good too though. Have to see the next time TR or somebody else finds their way there.

Since Land of the Lost (TV series) ended without a true resolution to their situation, this is a good substitution.
Kind of what I was thinking especially since the movie dropped the ball. They should have continued the story and the franchise from where they left off but instead they went silly with it.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 02:47
Great Job. Yeah this story did make it seem that Cyber Jack and Time Rider have some beef with each other they need to workout. Maybe they should just throwdown sometime?

Anyway Reaver did bring up some interesting points about Time Rider causing his hatred. Wonder when we'll actually find out the origin of Time Reaver and/or his connection to Time Rider?

You know Tim if you need to borrow any of my palette of characters you can drop them into your stories anytime!
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 02:58   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
Same for me too. If one of my characters (hero or villain) popped into your story that would be cool. Remember that Cyber Jack already made an enemy out of an alternate universe version of Fade back in Lost in Time #26.

A fight between the two does sound good. If Time Rider gave Cyber Jack a run for his money, Cyber Jack might learn to respect him.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 03:11
tim sorry to be annoying i dont know if you saw my comment
tim do i have permishon to do a deadlaw one shot?
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 03:41
Sure funboy.

I'll try to think of a good story that incorporates you all's characters. I would love to try to do a big teamup some day if I could do it justice.

I think will run into Reaver's origin at some point. The main thing I like about Reaver is he could pop up any time and we' never know which time period he came from. He could be an older or younger version of himself out for revenge. I think the main thing we can say about him right now is he blames TR and ATTA for what time travel has done to him which is basically make him unstable. We might find that originally Reaver was a really nice guy, or for that matter what if Reaver isn't a 100 percent human.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 03:47   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
I do have a major teamup in the works, which will involve a threat of Cosmic Cube level proportions for my Lost in Time series. But its several issues away and it will take me a while to lead up to it. Its going to be huge.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 04:28   Last Edited By: jerod26
For those who may have missed it, here is my background on Time-Reaver:

Time-Reaver hates Time-Rider

It can always change, but it's how I set him up....
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 10:59
I'd forgotten about that, thanks for the reminder Jerod!
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 14:52   Last Edited By: Tim
Yeah, I forgot that you had the origin too. I wish I remembered to read it again before hand, but it still fits into the current story very nicely.

Jerod what year did Reaver start out at ATTA from your story? Was it in the 50's or in recent times?
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 16:30
According to the "Official SU Timeline":


Time Tunnel Division Case #05161966 (designated in 2008 as the Time-Reaver Incident) occurs. This incursion into the past by Time-Reaver sets in motion the End of Times which threatens to destroy the whole of time, space, and reality.

Essentially Time-Reaver started in the current time, about 2008. The ATTA (via the Time Tunnel Project) first encounters Time-Rider in 1966. It's later found that after he disappeared in current times he was hiding in the Time Stream till he had his first chance to screw with Time-Rider who was passing through in 1966.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 16:47
Jerod you would make a great editor for our comic company. Keeping continuity straight in my mind is probably the hardest thing about creating stories for me. I didn't even think about looking at the time line.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 16:58
that would be so cool if turned this into a comic company we could start off by just selling mabe like a thousand copies at comic con that would be soo cool.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 17:33
Yeah, it would be definitely cool. Cost a lot of money though to print them out.
Posted:  15 Sep 2011 19:50
yeah i know
Posted:  16 Sep 2011 02:44
for our comic company

so which one of us in filthy rich and can afford to be the financial backer for this venture? 'cause I'm definitely in if we get the funding!
Posted:  16 Sep 2011 14:15
I don't know but at some point I might try the publish a book on demand thing. I think I might have tried that once already or almost did. Have to build up a good readership first though I reckon and start off the first issue with some huge big deal revelation or super fight of some kind.
Posted:  17 Sep 2011 08:52
You know, I actully have been toying with doing a comic in this universe.  Using my own character, of course (because we all like to reate our own characters for different universes).  We'll see what happens, but if I do it, it would be nice if the character became popular enough to show up in others' comics.

On to the issue: it was fun, and it's great seeing Time Reaver.  Since my only exposure to the SU unierse is through the comics, I didn't read tat bio until that thread, so I definitely thought he was an alternate verion of Time Rider, but this bacstory is great, too.

Having accessed the old Time Rider stories before Project Victory, though, I often wonder if the utopian "true" present will ever resurface, as well as time-travelling Hitler.  The latter is kind of Siler Age-y in concept, and I do like the Silver Age.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  17 Sep 2011 15:14   Last Edited By: Tim
I guess those early stories of mine still exist in an alernate time line or parallel universe. I do like the idea of a time traveling Hitler. I may have to revisit that concept in future issues.

I love the Silver Age too. I think my work is probably an amalgam of the 70's-today at this point. I've been inspired by so many years of comic reading.

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