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Blackhorn: Decade Past
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Posted:  25 Sep 2011 22:55   Last Edited By: jerod26

So what has Blackhorn been doing the last decade? His current ferocious attack on mankind seems odd considering he’s been only a mid-level threat in recent times. In fact, some past his schemes have been thwarted by figures like the Spy, who aside from some bionics and mildly enhanced strength, is clearly no match for his power level.  Blackhorn once ruled an entire dimension with an iron grip, yet remained remarkably silent until now. Several factors need to be taken into account.

Blackhorn faced a major reality check once trapped on Earth. After getting his bearing in this strange new world, Blackhorn felt he could still do as he pleased. He quickly learned that the rules had changed. While he had reined over millions in the Darkforce Dimension, Earth inhabitants and the larger population base gave him pause. Earth possesses an extraordinary number of “superheroes”. While the Darkforce Dimension has its share of what we would call mutants, along with other enhanced figures, none rise to the power level of those on Earth. It became apparent early on that meta- heroes like Superion, Phantom Marvel,and Golden Sentinel possessed raw strength that surpassed his own. Others, like Atomic Son, Voltage, and Comet at least rival his raw energy projection. Both of these shortcomings are greatly due to his separation from the Darkforce Dimension. Without a direct line back, his overall power level has ebbed. While still possessing an impressive amount of strength and power, he is a pale version of his Darkforce-self. Should he connect back with home, his powers could multiply nearly ten-fold; nearly omnipotent as prior.

Blackhorn determined the best path was to slowly rebuild his power base without raising undo concern. He would accomplish this by teaming with “villains” to help deflect any extra attention on himself. Along the way he established an impressive array of loyal companions and amassed great wealth. This was then funneled into scientific endeavors that would lead to a solution to the closed dimensional rift. Unfortunately, even high intelligent figures like Mr. Master and Talon could not find a viable solution to the rift. Years or frustration, and a sense of power loss, lead to drastic measures.

While he can summon limited energy from the Darkforce for energy creatures, he can’t harness it to recharge himself.  His internal dark energy power base is finite. He realized this early on and limited massive energy blasts to extreme situations to preserve his reserves. It’s all or nothing now. The battle now begun will ultimately sap his energy. He hopes to strike hard and fast while energy is relatively high. Should the battle become long and drawn-out, he faces the reality of defeat. It is hoped that with the killing of Bronze Scarab, others will fear his intentions and perhaps have second thoughts of challenging him. Fear will be his bluff and salvation; unless he can tap back into the Darkforce he craves.
Posted:  26 Sep 2011 00:26
This is good background information. Helps us all undestand Blackhorn's limitations.
Posted:  26 Sep 2011 01:55
I wonder if Blackhorn can tap into the meteorite scarab and draw some darkforce energy from it to recharge himself?

I like how you incorporated some of the other SHU characters into your background...especially the mention of Voltage
Posted:  26 Sep 2011 03:19
The concept is sound, but the scarab actually had very little of the Darkforce matter. It was not carved whole, only portions of the meteorite were used for decorative inlays in the scarab. The bulk of the space rock was lost over time. Perhaps it's still out there, somehow hidden from Blackhorn's senses?????
Posted:  26 Sep 2011 14:38
Posted:  26 Sep 2011 20:40
great explanation of Blackthorn,good stuff cooking here!

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