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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community The Darkness: Champions of Justice #1 
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The Darkness: Champions of Justice #1
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Posted:  05 Oct 2011 05:33   Last Edited By: jerod26
Anger drove Kevin Granger to new levels of speed as he rocketed through the skies of New York. Two weeks ago a new superhero had joined the Champions of Justice: the Thrasher, who was a swordsman with the power of energy projection. He had seen the Thrasher in action; sure, he was good, but not as good as he. Granger had been in the superhero business longer than he, yet he was still denied membership in the Champions of Justice. Why? He had helped them defeat the Walking Weapons, and he had aided in the battle against the Gray Phantom and the Master.
    As Starblast, he tried to prove himself time and time again, but each time he was met with failure. He recalled going up against another swordsman who seemed to possess no superhuman abilities, aside from his uncanny agility and skill. That was one fight he wished he could forget. He had been humialited in front of everyone.
    Granger couldn't stand this Thrasher character. Since Brennon's disappearance, he had taken the title of the world's greatest sword fighter. Some speculated that he was even better. He had made himself a hero in the eyes of the public when he had dispatched a supervillain with the ability to manipulate water. He had helped the Champions in a crucial battle and was quickly invited to join the group. The media couldn't get enough of this guy and Starblast was sick of it.
    Despite all of these distractions, there were more important matters Starblast had to think about it. He had heard about all these evil events that had been going on in these past few days. A superhero known as the Bronze Scarab was murdered. The thought of it was unsettling. Whatever was happening, he wanted a part in it. Someway, somehow, Starblast would get his chance.

*        *        *        *        *

    The Fortress. It was the headquarters of the superhero team the Champions of Justice. It was also used as a prison for supervillains. Magical forcefields kept the most powerful of enemies from ever leaving. This power source was energy siphoned from Thunder Man, through Captain Mysterious's magic.
    No superhero, not even the most insignificant ones, escaped his notice. Blackhorn's goal was to make his presence known, and he would accomplish that through fear. The people of earth would fear him in the way that they feared death itself.
    The Champions of Justice were a team of second-rate superheroes who dealt with second-rate supervillains. They had done their share in fighting evil but they certainly had their flaws. They were almost beaten by a warrior whose only power seems to be his uncanny ability to heal himself. They had also been easily defeated by the Gray Phantom, a supervillain from decades past whose powers were restored by a blood transfusion from the same warrior. The Gray Phantom might have been a useful pawn to him in his endeavors, but unfortunately, his restored youth was taken away from him, when a sword struck him in the heart. [See Lost in Time #6, 11, and 13 respectively.]
    It occurred to him that destroying this team would be the victory he needed to make the people of Earth fear him. Not only that, but he could also cause mass hysteria by causing a breakout at the Fortress. With so many supervillains loose, people would be sure to panic. It wouldn't be hard for Blackhorn to accomplish this task on his own, but why dirty his own hands when he could find someone else to do the job?
    He smiled in spite of himself. Today was going to be a good day.

*        *        *        *        *
    "Something has happened," Mysterious said, touching his hand to his temple.
    "What are you talking about?" asked the Huntress.
    "I can sense a strong presence within the Fortress. Someone has gotten inside," he explained.
    "But what about Thunder Man and Thrasher? And our security systems?"
    "I fear someone has found a way in, Michelle. We will abandon this mission for now; we must head back to the Fortress at once," Mysterious said, and everyone nodded in agreement. Mysterious was never wrong when his magic powers gave him a vibe, and they all feared that he was right once again. But there was one question that burned in everyone's mind: who could be capable of breaking through their security systems? They had to get there in a hurry. They didn't know what Thunder Man and Thrasher were up against.

*        *        *        *        *

    Thunder Man was sparring with his new buddy the Thrasher when the alarm starting going off. He pressed the button on the wall and  a panel of security screens materialized on the wall. He watched the screens with growing interest, and concern. He was watching a man, garbed in orange and white, bypass their security systems as if he understood everything about them. He must have been a scientific genius, but even that didn't seem to be enough. It appeared that he knew what he was looking for. He turned to the Thrasher. "Let's go, man," he said, starting to go.
    "I don't think so," said Thrasher, drawing his sword.
    Thunder Man looked at him in disbelief. "Jeff, what are you doing?" he asked.
    "This farce ends here, Dolph. I've been tired of pretending for a long time now," he explained.
    "What, you mean..."
    "Yes! I was never your friend! I've been on the inside, acting like I'm just as second-rate as you and your so-called Champions! I've been earning your trust, which was pretty easy, I must say, so that I could learn all the secrets of the Fortress! I'm telling you this now, because it gives me great pleasure to see you realize how foolish you've really been! I'm enjoying this a lot," he said with an evil grin. 
    "I've got news for you, Jeff--if that's even your real name--you're going to have to get past me if you and your friend are going to pull this off."
    "That won't be too hard!" taunted the Thrasher. Thunder Man clenched his fists in rage as he prepared himself for battle. 
Next issue: Thunder Man vs. The Thrasher! Guest-starring Jerod's Talon!
Posted:  05 Oct 2011 14:24
Let the war begin!
Posted:  05 Oct 2011 15:17
Nice addition to the crossover event Rick.

If Blackhorn succeeds in letting out all the supervillains it will take every hero in the SHU to round them all up again.

And while they're too busy doing that Blackhorn can complete his goals.
Posted:  05 Oct 2011 17:24
Rick- This turned out great! I was excited after you shared your synopsis; this is gonna be good. "Today was going to be a good day"- love that line. Had you noted I referenced CoJustice and the Fortress in part 2 of my Superhuman Defense League story? The overall Darkness story-line is progressing well....
Posted:  05 Oct 2011 20:32
i honestly read this on my break at work and i wanted to keep on reading!!!!! can't wait for the next part!
Posted:  05 Oct 2011 23:55   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
Jerod- That's cool. I plan to catch up on my reading tonight, there's a lot of crossover stories I haven't been able to read yet.

Glad everybody enjoyed the story. Part 2 should be up soon.

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