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Deadlaw has arrived!
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Amazing Tales 3 Discussion
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Posted:  11 Oct 2011 20:17   Last Edited By: Tim

Read Amazing Tales 3 Halloween Special

and discuss it here.

Deadlaw, Time-Rider, and new heroine V all take on the greatest monsters of all time. Get new insight to Deadlaw's origin, and get a look at life at Shadow Town in 2011.
Posted:  12 Oct 2011 01:53
cool monster mash, I only wished Shadow Hawk would've arrived sooner so he could take part in the action.

I really like how Dracula just kind of popped up behind Cliff in then one scene. Man had he gotten that close to me without me noticing I'd have jumped outta my skin and ran for my life!
Posted:  12 Oct 2011 02:04   Last Edited By: Tim
Maybe next Shadow Hawk will get into with Time-Rider and Deadlaw. I'll tell you the more characters involved the longer it takes. I wanted to do so much more, but I was running out of time before Halloween got here.

George sure took off fast which is what I would have done. Dracula would have to be faster than the Flash to catch me.
Posted:  12 Oct 2011 03:00
Great issue Tim! The monster story really flowed well. Your manips of the monsters were very effective, especially since they weren't Poser figures. Nice introduction for V and the new "old" Time-Rider. Now I have to get a new base model for TR that better fits his present appearance. All-in-all very entertaining and well put together (also appreciated seeing Mr. Victory included at the end ).
Posted:  12 Oct 2011 03:12
That was a good read. I think the second to the last page had the best art. I espcecially liked the panel that showed Deadlaw flying. The Boogieman was a nice touch by the way.
Posted:  12 Oct 2011 03:30
Yeah the Boogieman seemed to leave it open. I liked the addition. Maybe he could become the main villain in a later issue? All in all great story! Thanks for including Shadow Hawk.
Posted:  12 Oct 2011 13:50   Last Edited By: Tim
Thanks guys!

The monster story really flowed well. Your manips of the monsters were very effective

It was a little tricky. In some images I actually combined poser with faces from the monster photos to get the pose I wanted. The trick was getting them to match up close enough so nobody would hopefully notice.

The Boogieman was something I thought would be fun to bring back later on. After all who isn't afraid of the Boogieman?

In case you all didn't catch it, he's the fourth monster Deadlaw gets his powers from. Deadlaw mentioned it to his future self in Deadlaw 6. Boogieman is the unidentified monster.
Posted:  14 Oct 2011 11:46
Pretty cool! I love it too.
Posted:  14 Oct 2011 16:53
Nice seasonal treat Tim
Posted:  14 Oct 2011 17:03
Thanks Wayne!

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