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Batman: Arkham City” Gets Great Reviews
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Posted:  18 Oct 2011 13:58   Last Edited By: Tim
Batman: Arkham City” among the year’s best according to this yahoo article

Leaving the claustrophobic passageways, cells, and grounds of Arkham's asylum to take on the whole town in an open-world romp, Batman: Arkham City releases this week for the Xbox 360 and PS3. And according to critics, it doesn't just match the original, it surpasses it. With a stunning 95 average at Metacritic, the verdict's in: go out and buy it, because this, actually, is the best superhero game ever made.
It's also Mark Hamill's (yes, that Mark Hamill) final performance as The Joker. Hamill, who first took on the role in the Emmy-award winning 'Batman: The Animated Series', has embodied the character longer than any other actor. No offense to Heath, Jack, or Cesar, but most hardcore fans consider Hamill to be the greatest Joker ever, making his swan song something of a big deal.
And he's going out with a serious bang.
"Arkham City not only lives up to the standards set by Arkham Asylum, it bests its predecessor in every way and stands tall as one of Batman's greatest moments," raves Game Informer's Andrew Reiner in a perfect 10/10 review, adding that it's "one of the biggest and most enjoyable time sinks of the year."
Nearly every critic out there agrees with that assessment. Regardless of how well Arkham City sells, it's already a massive success, and stands a pretty good chance at being among the best reviewed games of the year, if not the outright winner.

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Posted:  18 Oct 2011 14:04
I preordered this game from gamestop b/c I should get a code so that I can access the Animated Series Batman skin. I'll be swinging by after work to pick that up. Hopefully I get some time to play it this week if not I'll be eagerly awaiting the weekend!
Posted:  18 Oct 2011 16:37
I bought the Green Lantern Blueray Disc the other day and that has the code for the Sinestro Corps Batman Skin for the Playstation 3. (might be UK only I don't know)
Posted:  18 Oct 2011 16:55
no you're right Wayne. I just picked that up too. Sinestro Corps skin is US version as well. Man that'll make it difficult to decide which Bats I want to play as
Posted:  20 Oct 2011 18:20
Funny Batman commercial for Batman Arkham City.

Posted:  20 Oct 2011 20:31
That video is so hilarious! I barely stayed in my chair while watching this

I can't wait to play the game this weekend!

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