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Seraph, INV #2 (the Darkness tie-in conclusion)
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Posted:  21 Oct 2011 16:16
Boreas dodged the enraged demon…barely…and manages a somersault midair causing the demon to shoot past him. Then he flapped his wings hard gaining speed and slammed into Dominion’s back like a battering ram. The two tangled together clawing and punching each other as the plummeted towards the pavement below. Even with all his divine strength, Gabe couldn’t break the demon’s hold.

“What have they been feeding you vile demon?” Boreas shouts into the creature’s ear “you’ve gotten so big and strong but yet you remain repugnantly ugly.”

“How dare you mock me seraph” Dominion snarls as his back strikes concrete putting a stop to their fall “aaarrrgghhh!”

The demon was momentarily stunned by the impact. Gabriel Boreas took this opportunity to free himself and slam the heel of his boot into the demon’s face. He knew he didn’t have the power to take this creature in a straight of brawl. He would need the power of his sword, which meant he needed to get back to the office and retrieve it from the vault.

“Stay right here demon” Boreas ordered “I will return to finish you.”

Then he flew up into the air and disappeared over the rooftops. Dominion regained his senses and pulled himself out of the crater his body had made, snarling as he did so. The purple fire surrounding his eyes burned out as if the stolen power of the dark orb had been drained. Being a demon and not of the meteorite’s world must have meant that he could only borrow the power for a brief period and not take it on forever.

Dominion screamed in outrage. How could he have been so stupid to toss the orb away? There was no time to find it again. He would have to battle the seraph as he was. But he was still more powerful than some pathetic angel could ever hope to be. The only thing demons of his level fear are the Swords of the Archangels. And those were few and far between. Very rare weapons indeed, only seven ever existed. And those were all hopelessly lost. Or so it was Dominion’s understanding.

As Gabe opened the door to the office he was unprepared for the sight that awaited him. The little old lady who had come to them for help had his partner’s throat clutched in her hand. She was choking Cross to death. Erin let out a muted cry for help and the woman laughed at her pain.

“Give me the swords” she demanded for the third time “I will have them even if I have to crush the life out of you.”

“No you won’t!” Boreas shouted startling the old woman as he charged forward and tackled her.

The woman lost her grip on Erin and the angel tumbled with the others. The three of them rolled into the oak desk knocking off a cup of pencils and paperclips. Boreas and Cross surrounded the woman as she got to her feet. Her eyes glazed over and she collapsed. Gabe picked her up and carried her to the leather sofa and laid her down.

“What was that all about?” he asked.

“It was like she had been possessed” Cross replied “maybe this Malachi took control of her?”

“Do you think you can handle things from here?” Boreas asked “I need Chrysaor for there are more pressing matters outside!”

Cross shook her head affirmative and then said “you are not going to assault the mailman again are you?”

Gabe’s face turned to a frown for a minute “no this is something bigger, though I maintain that mail carrier was an imp in disguise.”

“Imps aren’t inherently evil in any case” Cross told him.

“That one was…he stole my magazine!” Boreas replied then he left the office.

Erin Cross still couldn’t believe he read that filth. Play Angel magazine was nothing but trashy Fallen Angels in skimpy clothing. Why did he need that garbage when she was right here? Why couldn’t he see the love right in front of his face? She knew he didn’t feel the same way but she also couldn’t help her own feelings. Erin had gone so far as to cancel his subscription that was why the magazines stopped coming. Not because some imp was taking them.


Boreas flew over the city searching for the demon he had encountered. On 13th Street he found the beast terrorizing citizens. He drew Chrysaor from its sheath and the sword blade immediately burst into flames. Then he dove like a fighter jet in a dogfight. Cutting a flaming arc through the air with his sword he fell upon Dominion slicing into the demon’s thick hide.

The fire singed Dominion’s flesh and he screamed out in pain. He was unprepared for the attack. How had this puny angel come into possession of an Archangel blade? As Gabriel swung again the demon backed away careful to avoid contact with the sword. He had to think of something or he would be finished. Maybe…just maybe…he thought.

Dominion summoned one last blast of dark energy from his horns. There was still a little bit of residual power but it was fading fast.  He unleashed the blast. Boreas parried with Chrysaor. The dark energy snuffed out the sword’s flames. A look of utter confusion flickered across the angel’s face.

“What have you done demon?” Gabe asked stunned by what had occurred.

“I have simply evened the playing field” Dominion replied “your weapon is now useless against me.”

Even though it lost its power Chrysaor was still a sword. Boreas continued to swing it at the demon keeping the two apart. Dominion deflected the blows with the thick hide on his arms. The sword could not cut into his flesh now. It was the fire that allowed it to do so. Gabe was back to square one. He needed help. And only one way was he going to get it now. He concentrated and sent his thoughts out to his partner.

Being seraphs they shared an intimate mental link which allowed them to communicate with each other in times of need. This was one of those times. Erin sent back a reassuring reply and then cut the link. Boreas just needed to stall until she got there. So he sheathed his sword once more and tossed it to the side.

“Given up…have you?” Dominion asked “I expected better from God’s chosen. Pity.”

And with that he took a step forward, claws outstretched, ready to rip Boreas into pieces. As he closed in a beam of bright light struck him full in the face blinding him. Cross had arrived wielding her own sword, Claoimh Solais. She landed beside Gabe and assured herself he was alright.

“Why do you not wield your blade?” she asked.

“The demon somehow negated its power” came his reply “but if I can contain him…you can finish him off.”

Gabe threw a punch that connected with the demon’s jaw. Dominion tried to strike back but he was still blind and he missed. The movement through him off balance and Boreas used this moment to throw himself on top of the beast pinning his arms to his side. The demon struggled trying to break free.

Cross held up her sword and swung it straight down, the blade biting into Dominion’s shoulder, cleaving his left arm from his body. The pain was too much for the demon to bear. He whimpered in pain showing weakness. Then Boreas released him and he fled. A portal opened nearby and Dominion rushed into it and back to Hell.

“He was powerful enough to open a gateway on his own” Erin observed “only one of the Chief Princes could do that.”

“He didn’t seem strong enough to be a Prince” Gabe countered “the mystery just got more interesting. Do you think it’s a coincidence that he showed up at the same time as a possessed elderly lady who was after the swords?”

“Ah crap the woman” Cross said leaping into the air “I left her alone on the couch.”

The two of them flew back to the office in a hurry. As they entered the building they both let their angelic wings vanish once more. Inside they found the old woman was gone. And the office had been ransacked. The vault door was off its hinges.

“At least she didn’t get the swords” Gabe said “but where do you think she’s gone?”
Posted:  23 Oct 2011 01:47
Good stuff.
Posted:  23 Oct 2011 16:17
really cool story  Midnight!
Posted:  23 Oct 2011 23:15   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
Play Angel magazine was nothing but trashy Fallen Angels in skimpy clothing.
That's pretty funny.

Good story, Midnight. I always enjoy a good sword fight.
Posted:  24 Oct 2011 04:51
Thanks guys


I want to show Boreas as not your typical angel. He's not a saint in anyway. He smokes cigars and drinks whisky too I just haven't depicted it yet. Its probably easy to see why he's a fallen angel. Cross on the other hand has shown any bad traits that would've gotten her kicked out of Heaven. As of right now the only fault she has is being in love with Boreas which might've caused her to share his fate.
Posted:  24 Oct 2011 14:56

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