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Heroes of Vengeance PT 1 "Alliance"
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Posted:  25 Oct 2011 01:59
Cooper Daniels walked through the pooring rain, in soaking wet clothes. A car behind him engulfed in flames, the drops of water slowly putting it out.

"Those dang gang members need to stop what they're doing. I'm tired of them taking over the city" He mumbled underneath his breath.

He came to a garage, and unlocked the door, and walked inside. This garage was unlike any other garage. Behind the room where he kept his car, and his tools, was a hidden room. He went to a wall, and pulled out a ballpeen hammer. The wall opened, and he walked inside the room. Inside this room was a bed, fridge, a bathroom, couch, and tv. But also, there was a tool bench, that on it sat a belt. He grabbed a helmet, and torch, and went to work.

Jak-Ek warned others of the coming disaster. His people on his planet would not listen. The sun's heat was intense on the planet of Aeth. He loved his wife, but she had left him because she had thought he was insane. He was going to show them. He got into a ship, and set course for the only planet similar to his. Earth.

Ryan Newman, a 19 year old veteran, was running down an empty field space, to a helicopter that was coming down to a landing. Him, and about 5 other recruits were running as fast as they could. Thats when it happened. The helicopter exploded in mid-air. Obviously this was sabatage. Ryan jumped behind a tree, pieces of metal, and intense heat flying all around him. He felt something pushing his back foward. He tried to look back, but couldnt. The tree was falling on him. The explosion had caused it to rocket up. He saw nothing but darkness. When he awoke, doctors surrounded him with wires connected into him.

Greg Duval was a New York City cop. He walked into the police office, and then to his boss' office. There, his boss handed him something he would have never dreamed of getting. A pink slip. He walked out to his truck, and hit his hand on the hood.

"WHY ME?" He screamed.

He looked up, and saw something falling from the sky. He got in his truck, and started the engine. He sped out of the parking lot, and into the road. When he got to his house, he saw a flaming rock in his front yard. He walked to it, cautiously, and then the rock opened. He then knew that it wasnt a rock-- it was a pod. A glowing blue ring rose from the englufed pod, and he stuck out his hand, to grab it.
The ring went to his third finger, and got tighter. He let out a cry of pain, and then realized that his clothes were gone. All he saw were shades of blue.
Nack, a 15 year old boy, was bearly breathing. He ran through the city, and saw tons of people collapsing. He went into his dad's labrotory, and got his rocket. Days went by, before he found the planet Earth. The ship landed in farmlands, and he was found by a small family, and was adopted. They named him Nick Scott, after the man's grandfather. 5 years went by, and he applied for a job as a reporter. He discovered he had speeds faster than any car that was ever built, strength stronger than any human that ever lived, and invulnrability.

To Be Continued.
How is it? Want more? Give me feedback!
Posted:  25 Oct 2011 15:45
Looking forward to seeing more stories about your characters
Posted:  25 Oct 2011 15:46
Posted:  27 Oct 2011 01:40
Good start.

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