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Comic Book Super Heroes Forum / Super Heroes / Marvel Comics / Spiderman / Amazing Spider-man 674 is the place to find great original stories and art as well as all the latest major superhero movie news.
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Amazing Spider-man 674

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Posted:  25 Oct 2011 16:56   Last Edited By: Tim
The Vulture is set to return in Amazing Spider-Man #674, but who are the mysterious characters using similar tech and what exactly is Spidey up to?!

THE VULTURE RETURNS! It's a brave new city! As the costs of Spider-Island continue to rise, Spidey’s first enemy returns! High-rise robberies and teenaged jumpers force Spidey into a high flying new adventure…with a less than friendly partner.

Spider-man vs the Vulture
Amazing Spider-Man #674
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Vulture gang

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