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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Darkhawks (Return of FLAG) epilogue 
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Darkhawks (Return of FLAG) epilogue
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Posted:  04 Dec 2011 17:30
Caroline D’Jinko sat on a cold steel chair next to a cold steel table in an 8x8 interrogation room facing a large mirror which concealed an observation room on the other side. Across the table sat Falcon watching her intently. After a call from General Thorne the SKBPD had agreed to let him meet with the FLAG leader. She stared at him, no longer with hatred in her eyes, but with acceptance that she had been caught.

“Let’s start from the beginning” Falcon prompted her “how did you become involved with Mohan D’Jinko?”

She looked at him for another moment before speaking it wasn’t as if she had anything else to lose “my platoon was sent to South America to apprehend D’Jinko. We realized we would need to get close to him in order to pull this off. So we let ourselves be captured” she began laying it out in front of Falcon.

“He locked us in cages but he did not harm us. The way he talked to his men, the pride in his cause, and the determination in his eyes. Something about him told me he wasn’t merely some misguided rebel. He truly believed in his right to free all from tyranny. He explained how America had tortured his people near the end of the Cold War. How even though they weren’t directly involved in the conflict the United States had to make them suffer alongside Russia. His conviction made me a believer.”

Here she paused as tears threatened to course down her face then she continued “after that he took me as his lieutenant and as his lover. He would send me on missions with his men testing my loyalty. Then C.O.R.E and their GECKO’s showed up while he was away in Chile. They were there to rescue us they said. I did not want to go back but they insisted I return and be debriefed. They sent me back home.”

She resented the extraction team for stealing her away from her beloved and anger flared across her face. Falcon noticed but said nothing. He wanted her to continue so he could get everything recorded for General Thorne’s ears. So he waited her out and soon she began her story again.

“When I returned I was already pregnant, Jonathon was so sweet and caring. He had been worried to death. We made love my first night back. I felt as though I betrayed my sweet Mohan. But I enjoyed myself anyway. I let him believe the baby was his. We even made him a junior. Then a couple of years later we had Jess. But  I couldn’t stand being in that house anymore.”

“What made you return to the Amazon?” Falcon asked delicately.

“Mohan D’Jinko contacted me. Said he had been looking all over for me. One of his soldiers finally located me. He wanted me to come back to him. So I did. I packed up and left in the middle of the night. Saying nothing to Jonathon or the children. That’s when the b@$&!@% must have told the children I had been killed. Maybe to direct their hatred to someone other than himself at my departure. I don’t know his motives for that.”

“Anyway that was about it until Mohan D’Jinko sent me with a small squad to scout Peru as a potential location for our new headquarters. That’s when your Black Ops team showed up and killed Mohan in order to retrieve the Red Cross. The workers stumbled across our camp. They were only being held for ransom. They would have been released…eventually.”

“When my team arrived D’Jinko was torturing the relief workers” Falcon told her “he did not look like he was planning on letting them go.”

“Your American lies” she insisted “anyway it does not matter. His own son killed him. And for that I blame you for bringing him along.”

As General Thorne listened to the recording his thoughts rifled through his memory “she mentions C.O.R.E and the GECKO’s. Though C.O.R.E as it exists today was not around then. I believe she is talking about its predecessor. This old C.O.R.E belonged to the CIA and not to Area 51. Though Area 51 was already doing research for them and supplying them with the GECKO’s.”

“GECKO’s, sir?” Falcon asked not comprehending.

“Government Engineered Combat Killer Organisms” General Thorne clarified “they were considered too unstable for normal military applications. They still exist to this day but as nothing more than security for Area 51 itself.”

“So what now?”

“Well it looks like FLAG is no longer a threat as one leader is dead and the other in custody. I would not concern myself with them anymore.”

At the Dark residence Alicia is recovering from her wounds by lying on the couch watching television. John and Jess sit with her while Victor has decided to leave the city for a while at his mentor’s request.

“You can’t blame what he did” Alicia reasons with her husband “Victor only did what he thought he had too to prevent you from going down a road that you probably couldn’t have returned from.”

“But he ruined all of our equipment and made me think FLAG had set off the EMP” John said furious “I don’t have enough money left to rebuild.”

“Had you unleashed that android then our mother would likely have been killed. Be thankful for small miracles” Jessica said “I still can’t believe all this time she’s been alive. How could you turn her over to the police like that?”

“Our mother died a long time ago” John assured her “this woman could no longer be the motherly figure we needed.”

“I don’t believe this” Jess said storming out of the living room.

John looked over at his wife seeking approval “turning your mother over was the right thing to do” she agreed “the rest of what happened out there though. I don’t know what to think. I’m not sure things will be the same around here after this.”
Posted:  05 Dec 2011 14:25
Posted:  06 Dec 2011 01:10
Interesting back-story.
Posted:  06 Dec 2011 21:17
I agree with John all the way!!

I'm thinking that Jonathon told his children that their mother had died to prevent them from bearing ill feelings towards her.

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