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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Time-Rider Meets Davy Crockett 
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Time-Rider Meets Davy Crockett
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Posted:  27 Dec 2011 01:35   Last Edited By: Tim
Time-Rider Meets Davy Crockett
Davy Crockett at the Alamo Pic by Jerod

My name is John Martin, codenamed Time-Rider. I'm a superhero, or so they call me. I've been at this game for a long time now, since the 1950's actually. Thanks to my unique relationship to time, I don't look like a guy old enough to have been in World War II's Philadelphia Experiment, but I was. These days, I work mostly helping lead younger heroes at the Superhuman Defense League, but I still answer to the American Time Travel Association, ATTA for short.

When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me were kin to Davy Crockett, the legendary hero from Tennessee. I used to dream about what it would be like to meet
him. Of course to do that, I'd have to travel back in time. Who would have thought that was possible, but you can imagine my joy at being asked by ATTA to
go back to the final day of the Alamo. That is till I fully understood the grizzly task they were asking of me. I was to get DNA samples from the dead body of
Davy Crockett. Why? Well it seems ATTA believes Crockett may have been one of the world's first super powered humans. Sounds crazy, but they seem to believe there's more to those old folk stories than meets the eye. After all, where did they come up with the idea that Crockett killed a bear when he was only three? What did he mean when he told a crowd on the way to Congress he could ride a streak of lightning. Just bragging you say. Have you ever heard somebody in Congress claim such powers today?

The following was attributed to Davy Crockett in the Crockett Alamanacs published for years after his death.
My father can whip any man in Kentucky, and I can lick my father. I can outspeak any man on this floor, and give him two hours start. I can run faster, dive deeper, stay longer under, and come out drier, than any chap this side the big Swamp. I can outlook a panther and outstare a flash of lightning, tote a steamboat on my back and play at rough and tumble with a lion, and an occasional kick from a zebra.
"To sum up all in one word I’m a horse. Goliah was a pretty hard colt but I could choke him. I can take the rag off-frighten the old folks-astonish the natives-and beat the Dutch all to smash-make nothing of sleeping under a blanket of snow and don’t mind being frozen more than a rotten apple."

Just bragging I'd say, but could it be he actually could lick any man in Kentucky. If so, how did a man of that much power actually succumb to even the overwhelming odds at the Alamo. Perhaps being bullet proof was not one of his amazing abilities.  Sounds crazy, but those are the thoughts that went through my mind a couple of years ago as I got into my car and headed out to March 6, 1836. History says that Santa Anna ordered his men to take the bodies of Crockett and the men who defended the Alamo to a nearby stand of trees where they were stacked together and wood piled on top. That evening, a fire was lit and the bodies of the defenders were burned to ashes. If that was true then I figured I'd have to slip in using my watch's invisibility function. One of ATTA's biggest rules is to avoid any possibility of changing history, so I thought it would be best not to be seen, of course.

Time-Rider meets Davy Crockett at the Alamo

The daily bombardment of artillery by Santa Anna had been suspended, perhaps a ploy to encourage the natural human reaction to a cessation of constant strain. But the garrison awakened and the final fight began. Most of the noncombatants gathered in the church sacristy for safety. History says before running to his post, Crockett paused briefly in the chapel to say a prayer. When the Mexican soldiers breached the north outer walls of the Alamo complex, most of the Texans fell back to the barracks and the chapel, as previously planned. Crockett and his men were too far from the barracks to take shelter, and were the last remaining group in the mission to be in the open. The men defended the low wall in front of the church, using their rifles as clubs and relying on knives, as the action was too furious to allow reloading. After a volley and a charge with bayonets, Mexican soldiers pushed the few remaining defenders back toward the church. This is where I wound up. Keeping my car invisible, I jumped out to see Crockett still fighting away knocking the soldiers around like they were toys. He was the last man standing, but he kept swinging and swinging his rifle, he named Betsy, at the invading army of soldiers. He looked tired, but he must have been super, how else could one man keep fighting on against such impossible odds.

I was sworn not to change history. The science nerds at ATTA have told me of the possible consequences a million times. I've fought so many times to preserve the past that I've lost count, but seeing Crockett fighting for his life and for a cause that was bigger than even his legend, the cause of freedom, I couldn't stop myself. I turned off my invisibility so I could interact, pulled out my guns and started blazing a path to Crockett. It was him and me, and we fought for a good 20 minutes before I realized - I can't do this. Remember the Alamo was a motto that got Americans to push forward and eventually led to the liberation of Texas allowing it to become a part of the United States. Don't even mention screwing with John Wayne's Alamo movie. Heck, history says Crockett died here, but that was just an assumption based on the odds. It's time we disappeared. I grabbed a hold of Crockett hit my invisible watch gizmo, and got Crockett to the car. I don't think he would have let me if he hadn't been so tired. He let out a holler of protest once we hit the car that scared even me, and I've seen some scary stuff in my day, but we took off into the sky through the time stream leaving history to record nothing but what their primitive time could conceive. Crockett had indeed died at the Alamo and it would stay that way...until now.

pic by Jerod
Posted:  27 Dec 2011 02:14
I always wondered how Crockett wound up with the Lost Heroes!

Great story Tim, even more believable since you used as much of real history as possible.
Posted:  27 Dec 2011 15:55
Thanks, I went to wiki for a little history refresher as I was writing it.
Posted:  27 Dec 2011 16:03
That's what I normally do as well. Anytime a story of my incorporates will places/events I try to do a brief search on Wiki. I guess the most recent of mine was the CORE story in Shanghai. I actually looked the city up on Wiki so I knew a little bit about what I was trying to write.

I think now you should tell how Robin Hood joined. I believe Hyde simply lived through everything and wound up with them but Robin Hood I'm guessing would have had to have been plucked from time like Davey at some point.
Posted:  27 Dec 2011 16:16
True Hyde is just a really old guy who has lived through the years, but Robin Hood was plucked up just like Crockett. I'm going to have to do some thinking on Robin Hood like just what time in Hood's life was he plucked etc. Why was he plucked that kind of thing.
Posted:  27 Dec 2011 16:47
Posted:  27 Dec 2011 19:46
Great story! I agree with Midnight you did a good job of incorporating history into the story of Crockett joining the Lost Heroes.

Don't even mention screwing with John Wayne's Alamo movie.

I laughed out loud at that line.

I too would like to know how Robin Hood joined the team.
Posted:  27 Dec 2011 20:04
Yeah, I'm a John Wayne fan. Got to respect the Duke.
Posted:  28 Dec 2011 19:00
Great story and history lesson Tim! I'm a history buff but I'd never heard of them burning the bodies, and I've even been to the Alamo about 5 years ago. Makes sense, but I'd never even tought about what happened to the bodies afterwards. Your "solution" for retrieving him is quite plausible (in the comic book world of course).
I also like how you present the folk story/tall tales as representations of superpowers. That's an awesome concept and again makes sense as meta-humans would be sparse prior to WW2 Era.
This was a fun story and like MAvenger I look forward to Robin Hood.

Posted:  28 Dec 2011 20:08   Last Edited By: Tim
Thanks, Jerod. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had fun with the folk tales equal super powers bit. I did a search at wiki to fill in the history.

Did anybody ever see the Amazing Stories episode where this kid from the Alamo wound up in the 80's and back again?
Posted:  02 Jul 2012 16:04
Added a Davy Crockett page to our wiki.

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