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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Rise of the Kreuzritter Part 1 
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Rise of the Kreuzritter Part 1
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Posted:  04 Jan 2012 01:24   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
He had been living in seclusion for centuries. He returned to his native Germany where he built a cabin in the woods. He stayed away from people as to avoid unnecessary attachments. He longed for battle once more as he had not partaken since he left the order. But that didn’t mean he’d gotten fat and lazy. Vasall Ordensbruder had a daily regimen which included exercise from dawn till midday and then practicing his sword techniques from early afternoon till dusk. He would be ready whenever he was called upon again.

This had been his routine since he left the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. Deacon McKnight, the newly appointed Grand Master, had ordered the treasures moved from the ruins of Solomon’s temple to his castle in Lincolnshire England. His hope had been to better safeguard the artifacts. King Philip the IV of France began arresting Templar and torturing them into making false confessions about being in league with the Devil. Shortly afterwards the Pope Clement V dissolved the Templar and excommunicated all Knights from the Church. This was when Deacon devised a plan for the Order of the Temple to still operate in secret under a new identity.

In the ashes of the Templar the Rook was born. Those who remained with him began righting wrongs in England while continuing to protect the artifacts especially those with magical properties that could be used for evil purposes. Vasall could not continue for he longed to return to his Mother Country. Deacon McKnight sent him with his blessing and a small portion of the treasure to help him live out the rest of his days in peace. Another Knight by the name of Robin also left at the same time. His plan was to take a few of the others north to Nottingham where they could cover more ground and continue to serve the people.

The Germanic Knight left in good faith that the Templar work would continue on without him. He planned to relax and enjoy his remaining years in peace without having to look over his shoulder searching for the Church and worrying whether or not they were trying to burn him at the stake. On his journey back to Germany he was visited by the Archangel Raphael and given his two-handed large sword Zweihander. The Archangel granted him long life without worry of disease or organ failure. Raphael had also told this gift would help ensure he lived long enough to bring about the return of the Templar as long as he refrained from combat for he could still die in battle. And so Vasall Ordensbruder had waited biding his time in secret until now.

In time as he waited he did hear tale of his brothers’ deeds. Once he heard tale of Robin of the Green Hood who had been harassing the rich folk of Nottingham and supposedly giving the proceeds to the poor and more deserving. And he knew it was the same Robin he parted company with years ago. Of Deacon McKnight and the others however he heard little. It bothered him but he knew it was not his time to intervene. The gift of the Archangel was to extend his life and he had yet to reach his 100th year. Vasall decided when it was time he would somehow know it.

So imagine his surprise when he made his monthly trip to a local village to stock up on supplies and found one of his ancient allies was still alive as well. He had decided to live simply and had no need for technology as it reminded him too much of magic but in the village there had been television screens lining a shop window and he caught a news report that stopped him in his tracks. On the T.V. a purple eyed, red haired swordsman was apprehending criminals alongside an American group called the Champions of Justice. The report said this had taken place two months ago.

Vasall cared nothing for the rest of the news report which was talking about some turmoil within the group’s ranks and a battle between the members. But the purpled eyed warrior looked identical to the one that had helped the Templar during the Siege of Solomon’s Temple. Zandrexyn's Hilt

Had this warrior been granted immortality for his heroism as well? Ordensbruder could not be sure without confronting the man. Either way he took this as a sign that he should come out of seclusion and rejoin the world.

“My first stop should be McKnight’s castle to check on the status of the Order. I do pray they continued to keep the treasures safe.”

Posted:  04 Jan 2012 01:24
This was supposed to be part 1, Tim is there anyway you can rename it for me?
Posted:  04 Jan 2012 01:32
Awesome! I love how you used Brennon as a reason for him to come out of seclusion.

Can't wait for part 2...
Posted:  04 Jan 2012 02:22   Last Edited By: Tim
This was supposed to be part 1, Tim is there anyway you can rename it for me?

No problem.

You must have read my mind. I just posted a story about Robin Hood the same time you posted this one.

I'm interested to see part two.
Posted:  04 Jan 2012 02:24
Thanks guys, I wanted to hint that your Robin Hood could also possibly have been a Templar before he started fight Prince John.

Thought maybe as with Brennon my Kreuzritter could possibly find out Robin Hood was still alive as well so the two of them could cross paths
Posted:  04 Jan 2012 03:30
Like it. Always fascinated with the subject of the Knights Templar. Good injection of real historical facts.

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