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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Robin Hood Meets Time-Rider 
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Robin Hood Meets Time-Rider
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Posted:  04 Jan 2012 02:18

My name is Robert Hood or Robin Hood as the people call me in the ballads. I have, for these five years now, fought the tyranny of John, King of England who has misused the throne of his brother, the great and fearless Richard the Lionheart. His right hand of evil, the Sheriff of Nottingham, has terrified the people for far too long. Tonight is the last time, for tonight I shot the sheriff with my trusty bow and arrow, and yes, I did shoot all of his evil deputies. I and my merry men have waged a war to end all wars this night. Alas, several of my merry men have made their way to God's presence this very night. My heart grieves for the widows of those that were married, but freedom has always come with a price. I fear it always shall when men sleep while their leaders have complete rule to do as they wish.

As I knelt to pray to my Maker for his grace in our time of battle, I heard an ungodly sound coming from the thick of the forest.  From the darkness of the night I saw lights shooting out from betwixt the trees and heard what sounded like a monster roaring. Could this be a dragon of some sort? I could not tell, but my heart began to fear at this new unknown. Was it not enough I have fought men all these years, must I also fight the devil with my bare hands? In the blink of an eye I shot five arrows into the tree line only to hear a strange metallic ping I have never heard before and some strange melody called, "Johnny B. Goode". Suddenly the lights were upon us, and a dark figure of what looked like a man came silently toward me. Should I end his or it's life now. I could with but a thought, but then something inside me told me to wait. So I motioned to the demon, man, or what have you, until he said with the friendliest voice I have ever heard something like, "Howdy".

Howdy? Howdy? What is this strange tongue I thought to myself? I could now see the figure was a man wearing a mask. Perhaps he fought the king like I and my merry band of outlaws as well. He continued, "My name is Time-Rider, and I've come to talk to you Robin Hood".

And that is how I came to your future day and hour. I am told, despite my protests, my sharp eye and skill at bow and arrow are not from years of practice, but some type of super power they call it. I still say, anyone can shoot a fly from a mile distant with enough practice, but these future men are so easy to impress. I have made friends with this Time-Rider and his men at ATTA. There are many equally impressive men I have met here like the one called Davy Crockett. His abilities are amazing indeed. He also is from another time and place, and the large green one they call Hyde is truly a terror to behold. They have convinced me that I am needed here more than even my own time, and so for now I stay here, but my heart still longs for the past and the waiting arms of Maid Marian.

Posted:  04 Jan 2012 02:27
Awesome story Tim! Neat idea having him finish off the sheriff before coming to our time.
Posted:  04 Jan 2012 03:14
Howdy? Howdy? What is this strange tongue I thought to myself?

I had to laugh at that one. I also love the way you implemented Old English into the story.

This story provided a lot of good insight into the character of Robin Hood.
Posted:  04 Jan 2012 17:24
Thanks guys.

I try to add humor when I can. I like to laugh. I think it bring realism to a story when you can add humor. Life isn't all gritty and dark or funny for that matter. It's a mix with several places in between.

Now I got to figure out what to write about next.

Maybe I'll explore why Cyber Jack has some small issues with Time-Rider.
Posted:  04 Jan 2012 19:09
Good story. Look forward to more.

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