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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community The Molvina Incident, Pt.3 
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The Molvina Incident, Pt.3
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Posted:  06 Jan 2012 05:48   Last Edited By: jerod26
The Molvina Incident Part 3

Night falls early this evening. No signs of the Scarlet Archon or Mr. Victory during the day, but they identify the structure that has the most activity. It will be their first target. Fewer and fewer figures are seen as it seems most have retreated to their barracks for the evening. Those present appear to either be smoking or kicking dirt clods as they mill about the complex. The last suspected scientist finally leaves the building. It should now be down to a handful of hired guards to contend with. Just before 11 pm, the message “Lights Out” in a Spanish dialect comes from a speaker. Spy and Panther both briefly tense in anticipation of what is soon to come. Panther sneaks to the rear of the building, and within a minute returns with a thumbs-up. The duo straddle the main entrance passage on opposite sides. The five soldiers between them go down in a blur of non-lethal blows. They cautiously step through the door. The vinyl curtain is pulled back with a snap. To their relief, there is Mr. Victory laying on a gurney and surrounded by all sorts of high-tech looking equipment. He wears only a pair of cheap looking medical scrub bottoms and his face is adorned with a beard that would make a lumberjack proud.

I.V.s !?! How’d they get those in him?- questions Panther.

Don’t know and right now don’t care- replies Spy as he yanks multiple needles and tubes from Mr. Victory’s arms and chest.

Panther places his hands on Mr. Victory's massive chest and begins to shake him in an ever increasingly violent manner. After an agonizing 20 seconds he looks to Spy and says- What now? If we have to drag him to the border this way we’re in trouble. Better hope your bionics are fully operational buddy as we’re about to get quite a workout carrying the big guy.

Working as a team they get Mr. Victory off the gurney and standing against a piece of machinery. His eyes are now open and facial expression gives the appearance that he knows he’s being rescued. Spy begins to loop a belt around his friend’s waist that will act as a harness to keep him upright as they run. As the last clasp is closed, an electronic voice is heard from behind.

Bravo Panther and Spy. Not exactly whom I expected, but it makes no real difference to me- says Scarlet Archon.

Wish you were here in person so I could say “hi”- says Panther as he raises a clenched fist to the monitor.

Don’t worry you may still get your chance cat-man. I’ll admit I made a mistake not having my elite forces at your present site, but that’s something I will soon rectify. You’ll be bowing before me before the hour is nigh.

Don’t count on it you maniac- snarls Spy.

We’ll see. You may find it interesting that your friend was essentially useless to both Blackhorn and Echelon. He was such a waste of time I should let you take him off my hands for free; but if I did that it could be a sign of weakness. Enjoy your short-lived “rescue”. When you next appear before me on bended knee you’ll be begging for a quick death- says Scarlet Archon.

Ignoring the monarch’s threat, Spy and Panther both turn to Mr. Victory and pull him away from his propped position. They’ve had enough of Scarlet Archon’s stalling tactics; it’s time to move.

Oh, Spy… so sorry we didn’t cross paths in South America. I heard though Nvisible greeted you proper. Ta-ta “heroes”- says Scarlet Archon as the monitor goes dark.

Allen, I know you’re groggy, but we have to move now-says Spy to his semi-lucid friend.

Mr. Victory nods then slowly shakes his head from side-to-side and arcs his back, releasing a massive “crack”. He motions to the door.

Just follow our lead best you can Allen. Panther and I will take care of any unfriendlies. I hope your advanced healing ability will flush clean your system now that that crap isn’t being pumped constantly into you- says Spy.

Mr. Victory shakes his head in acknowledgement and pushes the others towards the door. The trio exits the building and scans the dimly lit compound for any signs of activity. With no one present they advance to the tree-line with the lethargic Mr. Victory stumbling behind.

We gotta give him a hand for now at least; at this pace we’re setting ducks- says Panther as he firmly grabs the support belt.

Agreed- replies Spy as they both move opposite sides of their comrade. Just before reaching the trees, the first opposition shout is heard, followed by rustling of dozens of feet. Spy reaches for his belt and pulls out a canister. With a flick of his index finger a pin is released and he hurls the canister towards the rear. Immediately thick black smoke ooze consumes the area.

Double-time friends!- shouts Spy as the trio reach the initial tree.

Smoke bomb, is that the best we got? That won’t cover our tracks for long- says Panther.

That’s no ordinary smoke bomb; it’s a version of IR’s black-out cloud. It’s denser than air and unless a really strong wind comes, it’ll hang in a 150-foot radius for 10 minutes or more. With that and the nighttime sky I hope to put a mile or more between us by the time they pick up our trail- replies Spy.

Nice! I didn’t know IR [short for Infra-Red] was the sharing kind- says Panther.

He owed me one-says Spy with a wink as the trio trudges along.

Despite moving with the finesse of a kindergarten three-legged-race, the heroes make remarkable progress. With each step Mr. Victory gains a bit more pep. By mile 3 he is jogging under his own power. Knowing there is at least 9 miles yet to go, concern grows as noise from behind seem to indicate that the militia are hot on their trail.

To be concluded…
Posted:  06 Jan 2012 05:54   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
It's good that the heroes finally got to confront Archon, even if it wasn't face to face.

I have to wonder how Spy, Mr. Victory, and Panther are going to escape going at such a slow pace.
Posted:  06 Jan 2012 15:14
definitely look forward to more, also wondering how they are going to escape on foot with Mr. Victory
Posted:  06 Jan 2012 15:55

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