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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Rise of the Kreuzritter Part 3 
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Rise of the Kreuzritter Part 3
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Posted:  09 Jan 2012 03:47
“I was a kreuzritter” Vasall tried to explain to Ethan McKnight “I fought alongside your ancestor Deacon for many years. He was a good friend to all Templars as well as any folk that needed our services. He was a good man.”

Ethan was indebted to Ordensbruder. He had wondered about his lineage since he inherited the castle. Now here was a man who could explain a lot to him. He looked over at his squire and saw by the look on her face and the silence that she was as intrigued as he was.  Vasall finished his current tale and went outside to help the contractors they hired to help rebuild the castle.

“So what do you think Ashley?” Ethan asked the girl.

Ashley didn’t seem to hear him at first as her thoughts were far away but then he snapped his fingers bringing her out of her reverie “it’s amazing. He has seen so much. I think he’s right. The Order of the Temple needs to be reestablished with or without the Church’s consent.”

He could tell in his squire’s eyes that she was infatuated with Vasall. Ethan would have to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn’t do anything stupid for she was still a teenager and her emotions seemed to get the better of her. But she was right. It was time to rebuild the Order.

“I agree” he said at last “we should rebuild the Templar. But how do we begin such a daunting task.”

Vasall returned at that moment as if he sensed their question “we need to reunite the inner circle. The seven members of the inner circle included the Grand Master and the leaders of our Order. I was also a member of the inner circle. Each member carried with them one of the Sacred Swords of the Archangels. I still have mine.”

Here he unwrapped a bundle he had carried with him. The two handed zweihander sword seemed to glow with power. The other two stared at it in wonder and Ethan recognized the etchings on its blade.

“This is Brightkiller” Vasall explained “the Christ-Blade, once carried by Lancelot Du Lake when he rode with the Pendragon.”

“There are a couple blades matching these patterns down in the armory” Ethan said continuing to look at Ordensbruder’s sword “I bet they are also Sacred Swords.”

“Take me too them at once” Vasall Ordensbruder demanded a bit too harshly before catching himself “my apologies Grand Master” he said bowing formally now “it’s just that the Sacred Swords must be reunited to help us regain our former glory.”

“It is okay” Ethan told him “I understand your passion and your frustration at having waited all this time” then he turned to Ashley “can you please go to the armory and bring up the bundle in the third footlocker from the fireplace.”

Ashley nodded and left the room as the two men stared at each other for a minute then Ethan spoke again “what really has you so angry? Do you wish to be the Grand Master of the Templar?”

“I do not” Vasall shook his head “though I am more experienced than you. I feel I do not know enough about this world to take charge here. I have lived apart from it for far too long. The angry is at my own self. I feel as though I should have come forward sooner. There had been times…in the past…where I have had a chance to return and refused to do so. Maybe if I had the Order would already stand against the coming of the Hellbrood.”

Ashley returned with the two swords and laid them on the large map table alongside Brightkiller. She unwrapped them and stared at the three of them side by side. They were each different types of swords but remained similar in design. Ethan was intrigued as well. He’d only glanced at the swords twice before but never thought to use them himself.

Vasall bent over the table and studied them even more intently than the others “that one, the Shamshir, is called Zomorrodnegar” he said pointing to the one on the left “it once belonged to King Solomon and has been wielded by the Grand Master of the Templar ever since it came into our possession. The katana on the other hand is Kusanagi an ancient Japanese blade that summons gusts of wind with its swing.”

The kreuzritter continued “if only we had Caledfwlch and Hrunting or Chrysaor and Claiomh Solais. The others have to be found” he declared!

“Wait did you say Chrysaor?” Ethan asked surprised “I know that sword. I’ve never had chance to see it not on fire so I have never noticed the etchings. But an angelic warrior known as Seraph wields it doing good deeds in the States.”

Vasall’s face brightened up tremendously “then we need to find him for if the sword has chosen him then he too is a Templar.”
Posted:  09 Jan 2012 04:02   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
Kreuzritter carries Lancelot's sword? Cool!

Great story!
Posted:  09 Jan 2012 05:06   Last Edited By: jerod26
Where do you get these crazy names?
Posted:  09 Jan 2012 14:44   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
wikipedia Jerod. I just do searches for mystical/magical weapons and such but most come from wiki. All the swords names are those from some old legend or other.

Shamshir-e Zomorrodenegor was said to belong to King Solomon, Kusanagi  is a legendary Japanese sword and one of three Imperial Regalia of Japan. Caledfwlch is the name for King Arthur's sword before it became commonally known as Excalibur and Hrunting is the sword of Beowulf. Chrysaor was the golden sword of Sir Artegal, the Knight of Justice in the Faerie Queene. Claiomh Solais is one of  the four treasures of the Tuatha Dé Danann in Irish Literature

as far as zweihander it is a type of two handed german sword and kreuzritter is german for crusader. I use the german for 2 reasons the first is b/c he's german and the 2 is to keep him from getting confused with your hero Crusader.
Posted:  09 Jan 2012 19:59
cool stuff!

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