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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Davy Crockett and Robin Hood Fought the Law But Who Won? 
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Davy Crockett and Robin Hood Fought the Law But Who Won?
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Posted:  13 Jan 2012 16:12   Last Edited By: Tim
Davy Crockett and Robin Hood Fought the Law But Who Won? Story by Tim Frady
Dodge Challenger
A month had passed since Davy Crockett and Robin Hood had been brought to our time. ATTA, the secret government institution that dealt with all things time travel, was extremely interested in the idea that Hood and Crockett's exploits were not all tall tales, but early world explanations for what was really, by all definitions, super powers, the first mutants, or meta-humans, if you will. Maybe they were born that way, who knows, but neither one had an explanation for their remarkable abilities. Each one had marksmanship well beyond that of ordinary humans. Each contributed it to lots of practice, not realizing their ability was way beyond what is physically possible for a normal human, practice or not. Crockett's strength and speed were off the charts compared to the best modern day athlete. In fact, it is not far fetched to believe he could indeed wrestle a grizzly bear just as folk lore would have us believe. It is believed that Hood's ability is in some part due to a latent physic ability. In fact, he is now capable of creating an energy bow and arrow out of thin air thanks to the hours of prodding from ATTA scientists.

Unfortunately, the high spirited Robin Hood and his freedom loving new friend Davy Crockett had had about all they could take of tests and training. ATTA promised them high adventure and big important missions in the future, but a month was too long for these men to sit still waiting for something to fight. The two somehow managed to escape stealing one of ATTA's prototype time cars, the kind that Time-Rider himself drives.

Davy and Robin manage to get themselves out of Area 51 and far down the road coming up on their first town. Suddenly, Crockett looks down and with shock and amazement remarks to Hood, "Dang Robert, you ain't going to believe this!"

"What perplexes you my friend," said Robin Hood.

"We are going 45 miles an hour in this here contraption without horses yet."

Hood- Do you not remember my friend, in Time-Rider's horseless carriage we were going well past that, so fast we broke into another time.

Davy- Yeah you're right. We musta been going 65 easy in his horseless carriage. We went so fast we took off the dang ground!

Hood- I believe the term is get it the gas friend, Davy. After all, are we not men seeking adventure!

Davy- Well let's go ahead then! Yee Ha!

Crockett punched the accelerator just a bit more, which sent the time lost pals down the road going 110. This of course got the attention of a policeman who had just been waiting for the opportunity to fulfill his ticket quota this month. He almost decided this one was probably too much trouble and perhaps maybe he would just phone it in, but what the heck, he'd take a chance these guys were just kids on a ride, and not actual real honest to goodness crooks.

Hood- Davy, do you see the horseless carriage with the Christmas lights? Do you think he wants our attention?

Davy- Let's just pull over and see, Robert.
The police officer walked carefully up to what seemingly looked something like a Dodge Challenger muscle car and asked Crockett for his license.

Davy- License? What's a license?

Police Officer- All right funny man, who are you?

Davy - Well sir, maybe you've heard of me, my name is Davy Crockett of Tennessee and this here is my good friend Robin Hood.

Police Officer - What did you say?

Davy turns to Robin and quietly remarks, "He must be a little hard hearing. I'll tell him again, this time a little louder. Davy bellows in a really loud voice as if talking to a deaf man, "I say,... I'm Daaavy...Crockett... and this here... is my friend..... Robin... Hood".

Police Officer - Oh, funny. Real funny. Get out of the car now mister!

Davy - whatever you say little feller.

Davy was a big man and he towered over the smaller police officer.  It was at this time that Davy got out of the car that he made his first big cultural error in our time. In his time it was always taken for granted that a man always had his rifle in hand almost everywhere he went, so of course he got out of the car rifle and all. The police officer being quick to act and thinking Davy a dangerous criminal did what most police officers tend to do these days. He tazed him. The only problem with that approach is for a fellow that took on the entire army of Santa Anna at the Alamo, and thought grizzly bear wrestling was a sport, a modern taser just didn't do anything for him other than make him a little cranky. It made him cranky enough to rare back and knock the police officer off the ground with one powerful move of the butt of his rifle.

Davy - Sorry mister, but you shouldn't ought to have done that. You caught me off guard just a mite. Are you alright?

Robin Hood - Davy, I think this man akin to the type of lawman as the Sheriff of Nottingham, perhaps we had better make haste and depart for the nearest village.

So that's what they did. They headed down to nearest town and as they drove somehow Robin managed to find an old radio station that just happened to be playing, "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" to which Crockett replied, "Hey, hold it right there Robert, I think I like that song." Crockett hit the gas even harder as they rocketed down the road hitting 150, 200, and beyond till they reached their destination.

So what happens when two legends of the distant past hit modern day America? Only time will tell.

Also check out Time-Rider Meets Davy Crockett and Time-Rider Meets Robin Hood to find out how our heroes got here in the present.
Posted:  13 Jan 2012 16:22
nicely done Tim, like to see how they venture out into a new world for the first time. though they're acting a bit like unsupervised teenagers on a joyride that's for sure.

Its good to see what happens when they're not out saving the world. They just want to have fun like the rest of us
Posted:  13 Jan 2012 16:31

Yeah, you have to imagine that someone like Crockett who in real life risked life and limb out in the wild frontier would have to have a wild streak. Besides back in the day Crockett wasn't used to the restrictive overly regulated society we live in today, and Robin Hood just defeated the evil Sheriff of Nottingham in the last story so he doesn't have a whole lot of trust for established law at the moment.
Posted:  13 Jan 2012 16:50   Last Edited By: jerod26
Davy Crockett theme song:

Posted:  13 Jan 2012 16:57
That's the song Jerod.

I wonder if they might have exaggerated Davy killing a bear when he was only three though. He was probably more like 10 or 12 when he killed his first bear.
Posted:  13 Jan 2012 17:28
awesome thanks for posting the song Jerod. Hadn't seen Davy Crockett in awhile
Posted:  13 Jan 2012 17:51
I've got the DVD set with both of the Walt Disney pictures from the 1950's. Fun stuff!

Davy Crockett -Two Movie Set
Posted:  14 Jan 2012 02:16
Awesome! This is your best one yet. It's like a superhero comedy. 

Davy, do you see the horseless carriage with the Christmas lights? Do you think he wants our attention?

I love the humor that you incorporate into your stories. After this part I laughed my way through the rest of the story.
Posted:  14 Jan 2012 17:42
Thanks Rick. I like to laugh it's good for a person's health.   I try to write it like I'd want to see in a movie or TV show.

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