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Fantastic Four Reboot May Have Get Chronicle Director
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Posted:  17 Jan 2012 01:31   Last Edited By: Tim
Helmer Josh Trank has emerged as the frontrunner to direct 20th Century Fox's reboot of Marvel's "Fantastic Four" franchise -- a major sign of confidence from the studio in Trank's upcoming supervillain pic "Chronicle."

Trank has had several meetings regarding the "Fantastic Four" project, but with his debut feature still three weeks away, Fox is expected to wait to see how "Chronicle" opens over Super Bowl weekend before extending an official offer. Studio is also awaiting the latest draft of the script by Michael Green ("Green Lantern").

That said, Fox is high on "Chronicle" and would like to keep Trank in business with the studio, which has displayed confidence in the pic, offering exclusive footage during the NFL's wild-card weekend after the pic's trailer generated massive traffic online.

Internally, studio execs expect Trank to land the coveted helming gig.

Akiva Goldsman was originally set to produce through his Weed Road banner, but he's no longer involved.

Tim Story directed the first two "Fantastic Four" movies, which grossed $620 million worldwide combined.

source: http://www.variety.com/article/VR1118048639.html?cmpid=RSS%7CNews%7CLatestNews&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Here's a trailer from his movie Chronicle.

I kind of want to see this. Might be cool.
Here's the description - Three high school students make an incredible discovery, leading to their developing uncanny powers beyond their understanding. As they learn to control their abilities and use them to their advantage, their lives start to spin out of control, and their darker sides begin to take over.

But as far as the Fantastic Four movie goes. I don't think it needs to be dark. I loved the humor of the last two. I would be fine with a great story that makes you think not really in a socially relevant kind of way more in a science fiction kind of thing. After all you got Mister Fantastic the world's biggest thinker. Give him some great mystery to solve, but keep the silly dynamic between the Thing and the Torch.

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Posted:  17 Jan 2012 10:56
Fantastic Four should be better done than what we've gotten.  For one thing, we need a Doctor Doom who is really Doctor Doom--the classic, not the Ultimate.  He needs to be a bombastic dictator who fills the room every time.  He needs an actor who can ham it up and isn't afraid to keep his face hidden the entire movie.  It should be a Doom who does not have powers aside from possibly the magical knowledge he displays in the comics.  His use of technology and armor to go toe to toe with the Fantastic Four is a defining trait.  There should also be a less sanitized dynamic to the film.  Marvel turned the comics world on its head with the Fantastic Four, creating a grittier team with interpersonal squabbles and a more human outlook.  This should be extrapolated to today's ideals.  Reed is aloof and generally more focused on science than what is going on around him, and they can use that.  Sue feels neglected by Reed and acts like a mother to Johnny and Ben, which was never really shown in the existing movies.  Johnny and Ben have been done rather well in the movies, but they really need to get a better Thing suit than Michael Chiklis wore, or CGI him.  I'm not a big fan of copious CGI, but sometimes you can feel it's needed.

Chronicle looks fun, though.  I like seeing movies about original superheroes, to see how people interpret the genre without the established names.  However, it would be nice to have a serious superhero movie with all original characters where they actually wear superhero costumes.  Some people say it's cheesy, but there's something fun about it.  Heck, it would be nice to see a good justification for those costumes.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  17 Jan 2012 16:11
Superman wore his original costume in Superman the Movie and nobody blinked. In fact I think people would have never went to see the movie if he hadn't wore the costume. Of course this new movie is changing Supes costume a bit, but I'm still betting it will be good enough to go see.

I'd kind of like to see the Fantastic Four movie like the John Byrne days. I want see Reed discover something huge like the Negative Zone, or a parallel dimension of some kind. I want it to be sort of original though so I don't know what's going to happen the entire movie. I definitely want the movie characters to be like the comics, but I want the story original at least in this case. I remember some of the good old issues of the FF would have a little mystery thrown in which I think would work well with Reed's scientific experiments.

Personally, I liked how the Thing turned out. There's been issues with every cgi Hulk that's been tried so far that makes me appreciate what they did more. I think the cgi Hulk for instance kind of made it more difficult for the audience to get into it. We old timers just miss the Lou Ferrigno Hulk I guess. That being said though I had no trouble getting into the Planet of the Apes movie with the cgi monkey, and I did enjoy the Hulk movies especially the last one, but in retrospect they could have been better.

Of course the first Hulk movie just went way too slow I guess anyway plus neither one fully embraced the comic origin which was a huge mistake. They should have had the gamma bomb origin.
Posted:  19 Jan 2012 07:25
If not the gamma bomb, then at least Rick Jones.  He is such an important character or Marvel--the impetus for the Hulk's being, the one who introduced Captain America to the modern day, becoming Captain Marvel (sort of), is now A-Bomb (I haven't read enough, I guess, but I'm not too thrilled about that one).  At the very least, including Rick Jones helps them try and set up a Captain Marvel movie, like I know they want to.  Heck, the second Hulk movie and the TV show completely did away with such an idea for the origin, and in the process took away a major aspect of Bruce Banner: he was willing to sacrifice his life for another, and became cursed becaus of it.  It speaks to his character that this is a man who will do the right thing and, while the Hulk is primal, he shares that instinct.

And what I mean with costumes is in original superhero movies (not using pre-existing characters): they're either comedies or eschew costumes.  I realize that people say costumes look silly, but look at Superman and Spider-Man and you'll see characters that make their costumes look, not only workable, but necessary to their image.  Spider-Man even explained why he wore one, and that explanation wasn't in the comics.  I would want to see studios work on this aspect.  Granted, they tried a little to explain costumes with Hancock, but it was barely a superhero costume and more like a GI Joe costume (and I hate this trend with leather costumes, because I can't get over that they are, and look, wholly unpractical because you wouldn't be able to move in them, as the extras for the X-Men movie point out).

I alo don't like them changing Superman's costume--in the "New 52" or the movie.  They're trying to "modernize" a timeless design, one that has worked for decades.  Of course, their constant tweaks of Wonder Woman's costume are worse, but she doesn't have a movie coming out.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  19 Jan 2012 15:05
Rick Jones was sorely missed on the Hulk movies. I still think the TV show worked the way they went I guess mainly because the show introduced me to the Hulk before I got into the comics plus it was good on it's own. It was TV and they had to come up with something cheaper than a gamma bomb I guess too. There was absolutely no reason not to incorporate Rick Jones and the Gamma Bomb into the movies.


I would be a lot happier with Superman's new movie costume if he had a belt to break up all that blue, and whatever is on the end of his sleeve isn't right. I could see the issues with the red underwear, but if it were my movie I would have gone with a costume just like Christopher Reeve's.

At least the comic costume has a red belt to break up the blue, but I hate that turtle neck collar thing.

I don't like the leather costumes either. Batman can barely move and half the time they have to use shaky camera shooting to make him appear like he's fighting fast. Batman should be fighting like Bruce Lee and Van Damme mixed together not like a heavy tank.
Posted:  20 Jan 2012 06:05
The red shorts work in so many ways.  For one, they break up the blue.  For another, they leave room for the yellow belt to keep that color in the color scheme both on top and bottom.  As well, I still point to the fact that the costume was based off of circus strongmen and the shorts are "modesty shorts".  Since tights of any kind are so aptly named, there is a certain... area... that can become quite visible.  The modesty shorts were a pair of looser-fitting shorts that the individual would wear to cover the area--to keep their modesty.  Superman, from the Midwest and with down-home values, would take the same approach.

Compare this to Spider-Man.  I've seen pictures of people playing him in conventions, and I've seen noticable evidence of just how endowed they are.  It's off-putting at its mildest, and nobody should be able to see the Man of Steel's junk.

Granted his new comic costume (which I still hate with a passion) is supposed to be armor, but the movie costume is not.  It looks like he's wearing Superman longjohns in some pictures and a diving suit in others, not the superhero costume we are accustomed to.

Really, when I look at those two pictures you posted, I see: somebody in a badly adapted Superman Halloween costume (at least from that angle, he doesn't even look like I could see him as Superman--the face and hair are off) and Superboy showing off a new costume.  I don't see either as Superman, and that's a problem--or can be, if my point of view is shared by enough people.  It could just be me, and I'm seen as being to nitpicky.

TV Tropes has the trope of "Spandex, Latex or Leather", with those ranging from a "light" portrayal to a "gritty" one.  But the film makers still don't understand the problems of leather.  It's so rigid, expensive and would be a terrible costume in the rain (where a lot of characters fight).  They need something flexible, to accomodate acrobatics, cheap, to cut down costs when the costume is damaged or destroyed, and environmentally sound, so it can work well in situations the maker thought it would work in.

The "cheap" bit is something they should pay more attention to, as well.  Though the Raimi Spider-Man suit looked amazing, one has to wonder how Peter afforded it with such a meager salary.  Surely he doesn't want something that looks hodgepodge, but at least an explanation for the costume would make sense.  Take Mercury Man, a Thai superhero film by the makers of Ong-Bak for example: the hero takes some ultra-durable clothing and sends it to his sister, who is in the fashion industry and designs superhero costumes on her downtime--she makes him his costume from those materials.  Spider-Man could have an explanation that, after performing a bit in his initial costume (a shoddy costume in whatever version you see), he is given a new costume by his agent, and he figures out how to stitch it back together competently.  That's how I would do it, but that's just me.

Now, there are some fears I have with the new Fantastic Four movie.  They dodged a bullet so far, but I look at another trope on TV Tropes: "Movie Superheroes Wear Black".  It's been frustrating to see these colorful heroes all donning black and brooding costumes, especially if it doesn't fit the character.  It's one thing for Batman, where it was a natural extension of his theme, but I still think it hurt X-Men, where I would rather every character be distinct, like in the comics.  I hope the Fantastic Four are in their nice, bright blues.  If it's faded (like they have oddly done to the new Superman's costume), then it loses their appeal as the bombastic team they are.  They are a team with a feel of old sci-fi pulps and serials.  Theirs is like Flash Gordon: the heroes are brightly colored and the villains are bombastic.  Of course, that makes me think again of how they should get Doom right this time...
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  20 Jan 2012 16:21   Last Edited By: Tim
Well you make a good point about the Superman shorts. I knew that strongmen wore something like them for circuses and that it was those outfits that inspired the Superman costume, but I didn't know it was for modesty reasons.

Probably the reason they think the shorts have to go was the embarrassing red shorts wore by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns. They looked more like bikini briefs than a strongman circus outfit.


Compare to George Reeves' costume.


I do agree I'd like to see costumes look more like realistic cotton type of outfit than like leather. A person might think they all are bikers instead of superheroes. Real people don't go around wearing leather everywhere. Maybe some in the 80's, but not most of the time other than a Leather jacket. One of these days I hope to see Batman dress like they had him in the Dead End fan made video.

This is an old one Jerod put together using the Dead End Batman.

Posted:  20 Jan 2012 17:12
We've already got two FF movies. Marvel should take a break and focus on other characters. They still haven't made Dr. Strange or Ant-Man yet.
Posted:  20 Jan 2012 19:49
I'd like to see a Power Man and Iron Fist movie, or by some miracle I'd like to see Marvel start making Rom in comics again and turn it into a movie.
Posted:  21 Jan 2012 05:46
But Marvel isn't the ones doing the Fantastic Four movies.  That's 20th Century Fox, who need to do one perdically or Marvel will get the rights back and do their own version.  Same reason why the new Spider-Man is being done, since Sony was having trouble negotiating the rights with Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, et al.

I don't think Marvel has the rights to Rom, though it silly that they can't use him.  His history is so tied into Marvel.  It's like their character of Shang Chi, who was originally tied directly into the story of Fu Manchu.  Now Marvel can't even reference that part of Shang Chi's history.  Or any of their Transformers or Conan tie-ins.  Considering how important some of these licensed properties became to Marvel's history, one wonders why they even tried interweaving the stories with their own, if it was obvious righs issues might muddy down the line.
All the bad things in life only help you appreciate the good even more.
Posted:  21 Jan 2012 16:41
That's true. When I was a kid I always assumed Conan for instance was a part of the Marvel Universe. I have a couple of old What If issues with Conan and a Marvel Universe character teamup. One has Conan coming to our time and fighting Captain America.

Rom was definitely configured deep into the Marvel Universe. I think between his book and other Marvel books he must have teamed up with every superhero that had a title back in the 80's. Even the X-men had to deal with his enemies the Dire Wraiths in more than one book if memory serves me.

I wouldn't think the comic rights to Rom would be that much considering nothing at all is being done with him that I know of. This could be a good opportunity to get another toy line out there. I just did a search at Amazon and I couldn't find even one single toy for Rom Space Knight. It's a shame for such a fun character to just sit there on the shelves of history and nothing be done with him.

Here's a couple of comic book examples. One with the X-men.
and here's one with Power Man and Iron Fist.
Posted:  21 Jan 2012 17:20   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
I've got both of those issues. He also met up with Nova and Namor. Rom was an awesome character. I know they still do comics about the war betweeen the Spaceknights and the Dire Wraiths, but Rom has no part in it. 
Posted:  21 Jan 2012 18:59
I just ordered some Rom issues from Milehighcomics.com. They sent me an email with some code for 60 percent off. So I took advantage. You know it's easier to order comics online sometimes because every time I buy Rom books they are cheap, but I wind up with the same copies over and over again. Online I can compare to see what I got and don't got. Now I just lack about 4 or 5 maybe and I'll have the whole series. Once I get the whole thing I think I'll reread it all starting at one.

I checked to see if they had that Spider-man vs Iceman comic too but it wasn't in.

Makes me mad though I was going to look for Weird War Tales and the Eternals and I forgot all about it. That's what I get for getting into a hurry.
Posted:  23 Jan 2012 05:03
last time i went to my local comic shop they had a 50 cent box, it was full of rom comics i took as many as i could
i have like issue 40 too 67
ill have to dig thoes out of my comic box
Posted:  23 Jan 2012 16:17
Yeah, for some reason it's not too hard to find Rom comics cheap. I guess people don't remember how cool Rom was. Suits me fine though I like getting comics cheap.

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