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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community SU Member Writes New Novel "Exile Hero" 
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SU Member Writes New Novel "Exile Hero"
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Posted:  23 Jan 2012 19:55
I just posted our page on Rick Jones'' new novel Exile Hero.

Order The Exile Hero (Zandrexyn) at Amazon

This is very exciting news for our site and I wish him the best of luck. Get the book today through our Amazon link to view in a Kindle.

What do you all think about one of our members writing a novel?
Posted:  23 Jan 2012 20:37
Great news. I've been toying with the idea myself. So I'll be interested to find out how things go for you Charles. Plus nice cover Jerod
Posted:  23 Jan 2012 21:13
Very great job! Hope it is a successful venture.

I too have been considering going this route to get published. E-Books seem to be the way of the future anyhow.

Great job on the cover too Jerod!
Posted:  23 Jan 2012 23:57
I'm excited about this! I hope to get a book out there too, and it would be great to see Nick make the big bucks.
Posted:  24 Jan 2012 00:46   Last Edited By: jerod26
Posted:  24 Jan 2012 03:42
Thanks guys!

For anyone who doesn't have a Kindle, you can download for free the Kindle software on your computer or phone: 

Posted:  26 Jan 2012 02:34
can this be read on iPad cuz if so i have christmas iTunes cards left!!!!!
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 02:44
Yes, it can, Trickstyx.
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 02:46
buying it right now just downloaded the kindle reader for my iPad ,and congratulations on your ebook !!!!!
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 03:26
Thanks! Every sale helps.
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 03:29
i see it on my home comp on cloud but not on my iPad yet looks like i can put it on my iPhone aswell so when my kids take my iPad away i can continue on my iPhone !! actually this is my first ebook Rick!!
Posted:  02 Feb 2012 16:21
I just put up a revised edition of The Exile Hero on Amazon. For those of you who already bought the book, all you have to do to get the update is go through your Kindle library, click "Remove From Device", find the book under the "Archived" section and click "Download."
Posted:  18 May 2012 21:05
I'm a little over a 1/3 of the way through it. It's very good and reminds me allot of Rick/Nick's History of Darkness and Guardians of the Sphere.

I have a better chance to finish it now as last weekend our kids bought my wife and I our own Kindle for Mothers/Father's day. Now I don't have to wrestle the Kindle away from my oldest son anymore.
Posted:  13 Jun 2012 04:27
I'm 85% done according to the Kindle. Jensin's quest to kill Ishtar is coming to a head.
Posted:  13 Jun 2012 05:36   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
Great, the last two chapters (plus the epilogue) were my favorite parts to write.
Posted:  14 Jul 2012 16:51
sorry it took so long Rick but I finally got around to reading my copy. I've only made it to Chapter 5 but it is a great read so far. I like the history portion near the beginning as it hints to things in the past that those of us on this site already know thanks to your Lost in Time series. I hope Jensin learns more about the past throughout the story or at least maybe in the sequels I am sure you are planning on writing?

Can't wait to get time to read through to the end so I can give you better feedback. But so far the story keeps my attention. Keep on writing Rick!
Posted:  14 Jul 2012 18:04
Thanks, Midnight.

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