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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community The Gentleman and the Jackal (The Victorian Age) 
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The Gentleman and the Jackal (The Victorian Age)
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Posted:  25 Jan 2012 16:58   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
An excerpt from Dr. Harold Jackal's Journal

It was 1889 in London when I was first accosted by the so called superhero. He was really nothing more than a circus performer with a Hero Complex. The Gentleman, bah, there was nothing gentle about the way he manhandled me with his superior strength.

I recall the day clearly or rather the night. I had been testing my formula for weeks trying to work out the bugs. Sometimes my transformations wouldn’t last long, sometimes I would change into something out of nightmares, and sometimes I would turn into an inanimate object unable to move until the effects wore off. But still I persevered and continued with my research. I wanted to release man of his inhibitions. Instead of being trapped in the mindset of doing what was expected, using my formula he could be free to do what he wanted.

Doctor Harold Jackal the Alchemistic Genius would be on the lips of the Aristocratic Elite. Or so I’d hoped at the time. But after my transformations finally placed me in the monstrous form of Mister Edwin Hydra I lost all thoughts of glory. I only wanted the next taste of freedom. As Edwin Hydra I would become a hulking behemoth with three heads. Like some ogre from a fairy tale. My thoughts became darker, more carnivorous, more daring.

Image by Jerod Blayney

I found myself in White Chapel week after week indulging in the passions promised by the ladies of the night. They didn’t seem to mind my appearance as long as I paid them upfront for their services. Afterwards I would slit their throats with a surgical knife I kept in my coat pocket and devour one or more of their organs. But still I left their payment I felt they earned it for their service to me.

Rumors started spreading that a man was preying on the harlots. The newspaper started calling me Jack the Ripper for they had no other name to give me and it looked good in print. They didn’t realize how close they came to my real name. Jack…Jackal it was almost too close. I should have stopped then but my appetite could not be sated so easily. I was now bound to the transformations. Even if I wanted to stop it was impossible. I no longer needed the formula. The changes came of their own accord.

But I am rambling now. Let me get back to the story I wanted to document, my run in with the Gentleman. One of my changes overtook me while walking down Baker Street. I was near my old friend Mr. Hemlock Stone’s flat. Luckily the uncanny detective was out of town and bore no witness to my affliction. But another man did notice. The Gentleman happened to be at the end of the street.

The large man ran towards me yelling at me to stay put. I roared like the monster I appeared to be. And he stopped in his tracks. My large clawed hands swung out swiping at his chest. And the Gentleman jumped backwards causing me to stumble forward under my own momentum.

Then he punched me square on my center head’s jaw. The blow connected with a force that knocked me backwards. But I charged again and this time I managed to rake my claws across his chest drawing first blood. The smell of the red liquid brought forth an uncontrollable lust. I attacked more furiously than before. I feel he would have cowed to my physical prowess but the Bobbies intervened.

I heard shouts coming from across the street and saw the glow of lanterns as men in uniform came towards us. While I was thus distracted the Gentleman gripped me in a bear hug as if not to let me go until I submitted. I head butted the strongman with all three of my heads at once. Even his strength could not protect him from that. I heard cartilage crunch as his nose broke. He let go of me to grip his face in his hands as blood poured down his cheek.

Before the police could attempt an arrest I fled down a dark ally and climbed up a fire escape to the rooftops. Then I ran, jumping from roof to roof, until at last my own house came into view. I disappeared through the cellar door as fast as I could before anyone saw what I was about.

Then exhaustion overtook me. I collapsed upon the stone floor and reverted back to my normal self. The fight took more out of me than should have been possible. The changes had become unstable. Who knows what will happen if I continue upon this route? But for the moment I couldn’t do anything but lie there and wait.

This was not the only time I faced a member of the Adventure Club but it was the first and therefore the most memorable to me.
Posted:  25 Jan 2012 17:28
Very cool. I felt like I was there watching it take place, or listening to him tell his story.
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 02:17
They didn’t seem to mind my appearance as long as I paid them upfront for their services. Afterwards I would slit their throats with a surgical knife I kept in my coat pocket and devour one or more of their organs. But still I left their payment I felt they earned it for their service to me.

That Dr. Jackal is one sick dude.

Is this guy still alive? Normally I would think he would be dead, but I wonder if as Mr. Edwin Hydra he has increased longevity?
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 02:29
Awesome! I'm impressed how quickly you took to the character of the Gentleman. Good work.
Makes me want to do more with the Adventure Club.
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 04:35
Thanks guys,

Rick... Jackal is long dead don't worry. I was trying to stay close to the reports of Jack the Ripper. He didn't slit their throats I believe he strangled them but he did harvest their organs afterwards.
Posted:  26 Jan 2012 15:20
Jerod I think I am going to do another story with the Adventure Club if you don't mind?

I'm staying away from their sudden disappearance as if Time-Rider is going to investigate I figured I'd leave that up to you and Tim on how that goes. But I thought of chronicling one of their group adventures.

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