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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community SHADOW Company #10 "Kinetic Energy part 5" 
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SHADOW Company #10 "Kinetic Energy part 5"
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Posted:  17 Feb 2012 16:30   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
Sebastian Crowe went to work taking apart the cameras and speakers he had found pulling out all their wiring. Then he took the transmitter apart again and one of his own cybernetic legs. Once he was satisfied he had all the components he needed he went to work combining them into a new device. Voltage and Chronos eventually came over to join him. Over the next few minutes the others trickled over to help out as well.

Once it was finished Wrench held it up for the others to see. A miniature satellite dish was mounted on what looked like a rifle which in turn had a radio transmitter attached to its stock. He pointed it toward the sky and pulled the trigger. A beam launched from the dish and disappeared into the atmosphere.

“I hope this works” he said then he spoke into the transmitter “Nexus do you read?” he waited a few seconds for a response and received none “Nexus this is Special Team K. We are isolated on a remote world known as Crux. Coordinates are being transmitted to you. Need immediate EVAC.”

“Do you think they received you?” Luminary asked what they were all thinking.

“For our sakes I hope so” Wrench replied “now let me see here” he said pulling out a small device from one of his pouches.

Then he scanned each one of them in turn and nodded in satisfaction “good the nanomites have only broken down in myself and Absolute Zero. I’ll inject both of us and then we wait on DANA to take us home.”

Little more than 1000 miles above Crux’s surface a figure clad in gray and green laughs from inside his flying command center while staring at a blank console “those Kinetics think they’ve outsmarted me? Oh yes run home little insignificant insects. But be aware this is not over. HA HA HA HA!”

“I have probed and prodded history for as long as there was a multi-verse. Who was it who gave the Elder Magi the knowledge to imprison Cthullhu in the Darkforce Dimension? Who was it who manipulated the fight between Shadow Hawk and Deadlaw? Who was it who then stranded Blackhorn on Earth so he could engage the so called heroes? Who was it that caused the USS Eldridge to explode? Who was it who led the Clovan to Earth? It was none other than I, the MAD MARAUDER!”


The gray and green costumed man continued to rave to himself about how he has manipulated Earth and now altered the Dematerializing Algorithm for Nanotechnology Attunement device to send these humans to this planet of cannibals. Everything he did was for nothing more than his own amusement. He had no ultimate goal other than entertainment. And he enjoyed every minute of the things he had caused.

“Sir” a lab tech named Johnson called over to the Colonel “we’re picking up a faint transmission.”

“Put it on the screen” Luther Vanguard ordered “immediately!”

{Nexus this is Special Team K. We are isolated on a remote world known as Crux. Coordinates are being transmitted to you. Need immediate EVAC.}

“That’s Wrench” Vortex said with excitement.

“Can you decipher the coordinates?” Vanguard asked the tech ignoring Vortex for the moment.

“Working on decrypting it now, it’s pretty garbled but I think…yes I’ve got it!”

“Wraith, have your boys stand down. You don’t get to go this time. Something in Wrench’s voice says it would be unwise to send anyone else to them. Alright transport them all back here now!”

“On it” the tech said hitting the controls.

As the Kinetics started to dematerialize the Mad Marauder brought one of his cameras online in time to see it “not so fast” he mouthed tapping some keys to his right.

The team arrived back on Earth in a flash of light. But they did not arrive in the Nexus. They arrived on the White House lawn. Terror dawned on Luminary’s face as she realized they were now compromised. But before she could order her teammates to make a stealthy exit she was hit by a ball of ice. In the next instant Firebolt was surrounding them in a circle of flames.

“We will finish this” Geist said as she reached out with her mind to snare Luminary in her grasp.

Luminary brought up a telekinetic force field just in time to block the mental attack. Then Voltage unleashed a lightning bolt striking Geist in the shoulder. Before this could get any more out of hand Chronos slowed down time and knocked all three evil Kinetics out cold so they could be easier dealt with.

Then he released the time hold and lifted Firebolt over his shoulder. Voltage picked up Absolute Zero, and Luminary picked up Geist. Wrench was already contacting the Nexus to another transport. The tech’s at the lab replied and tried to dematerialize them again. But the nanomites had already deteriorated in the rest of the team so only Wrench and Absolute Zero were taken as they had had the most recent injections.

“What do we do now?” Voltage asked “we can’t stay here any longer or we might get spotted.”

A police chopper hovered into view overhead and hit them with a spotlight “hold it right there” a voice from inside ordered.

“Too late for that” Luminary muttered “Chronos little help?”

“Alright grab my hands” he told them speeding up the localized time around them.

The trio with their two captives went running off at super speed away from the helicopter. The police were unable to keep up and soon lost them in the winding streets of Washington, D.C.

                  The End?
Posted:  17 Feb 2012 16:33   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
Hope you guys don't mind me having the Mad Marauder subtly manipulating events that happened to your characters as well. I figure the causes are still the same as you saw it but he some how nudged those causes into happening.

And the Mad Marauder did manipulate the Shadow Hawk/Deadlaw fight that Trickstyx created in the online comic section. But Tricks didn't name the villain so I took some liberty here as well. Hope Noe doesn't mind.

Here is the panel from Shadow Hawk/Deadlaw Deadly Lies that features the gray/green villain


I highly recommend you read Shadow Hawk/Deadlaw Deadly Lies if you haven't already or even if you have its a great read. Though I admit I might be a bit biased
Posted:  17 Feb 2012 21:17

The Shadow Hawk/Deadlaw teamup is a oldie but a goodie!
Posted:  18 Feb 2012 03:22

Mad Maurader has been busy:
It was none other than I, the MAD MARAUDER!

I like all the refernces to past events.
Posted:  18 Feb 2012 18:18
I think it's awesome that you were able to find one of my characters
To fit into your story lines and to tie into more current SU events .like you said if the
Others don't mind,he kinda brings a lot of the characters in together.His name was Mazter Manipulator, but I Like Mad Maurader very crazy  sounding , which he is!! Lol I like what you did with him 2 thumbs up!!
Posted:  18 Feb 2012 19:39
His name was Mazter Manipulator

That's actually a more appropriate name considering his role. I just thought of his laughing in Deadly Lies and his laughing in this story made him seem kinda insane like the Joker and so I came up with Mad Marauder based on that.

Glad you guys approve
Posted:  18 Feb 2012 21:55   Last Edited By: jerod26
Robert/Noe- I have a tweak on the costume for Mad Marauder:

Posted:  18 Feb 2012 21:57
yeah his laughter is definitely ,as you can see,a big part of his personality. Something like the Joker.Hmmmmm well,maybe Mad Marauder can be a sur name like .... Mazter Manipulator ,The Mad Marauder!!!
sort of like Batman,The Dark Knight,or Joker,The Clown Prince of Crime.
i think ill be coming up with a couple new characters pretty soon that could roam in the current SU timeline that could have a more active role,or maybe have more guest appearances on sugar skulls from the SU.
Posted:  18 Feb 2012 23:22   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
I like the images Jerod

I wonder Trickstyx if he could perhaps have multiple personalities? When he's seemingly sane and subtly nudging events he could be the Mazter Manipulator and when he's completely off his rocker and laughing at his own triumphs he could refer to himself as the Mad Marauder?
Posted:  19 Feb 2012 01:34
HAHAHAHA that sounds good midnight,I'm a big fan of multiple personalities!
Posted:  22 Feb 2012 23:51
If Mad Marauder is responsible for all of that I can see him causing more trouble for the future. Something needs to be done about that guy!

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