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The Midnighters/SDL #4
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Posted:  11 Apr 2012 18:36
2296...weeks before Soldier Supreme’s defeat at the hands of Blackhorn…

Soldier Supreme sits alone in his Citadel of Isolation contemplating his contributions to the world. He meditates and draws forth the power of the molten lava flowing beneath his fortress. This Blackhorn has been a powerful enemy. Several heroes have fallen already. Here in the Citadel he keeps records for those that may come after, records of the heroes who have fallen in the fight against Blackhorn. Early on in the war the Superhuman Defense League, the Champions of Justice, the Midnighters, Victory Squad, and countless other teams and individuals fell beneath the Ruler of the Darkforce Dimension’s might.

Only a few survived. Time Rider was able to spirit several heroes away at the last second. Those returned to train the next generation. But then they too soon fell. Leaving Soldier Supreme, Titanic Mike, Buster Cyclone, Lady Dementia, and Bloodshot alone to tackle Blackhorn for they are all that remains of the once powerful Guild of Superhuman Defenders.

A booming sound shook the Citadel. Soldier Supreme broke from his revelry and ran towards a window. Looking out he saw a flying car coming in for a landing. It resembled one of the ones that Time Rider used to rely on. But he knew for certain TR was dead along with all the others. Then a man stepped out of the driver’s side. A man who resembled a younger Time Rider than the gray haired, wrinkled old man Soldier Supreme once knew. Possibly a version from the distant past! Could it really be that they may find help in this dark world?

Soldier Supreme met the newcomers outside. Time Rider was accompanied by a hero he had never seen before but who he recognized from the archives to be Captain Midnight. They must be from the past then. He leveled his gaze upon them as they approached. Still wary of some sort of trick.

“Soldier Supreme?” Captain Midnight asked “we were given this location and time by Liger.”

“I know no Liger” Soldier Supreme said “what do you want with me?”

“We are here to help” Time Rider said “we want to stop Blackhorn from merging our world with his.”

“You know of the Particle Towers then?” Soldier Supreme asked.

“Particle Towers?” Captain Midnight replied “no we know nothing of those.”

“Darkforce minions have built several obsidian towers at key points all across the globe already” Soldier Supreme explained “from the intel the GSD has acquired we believe these will shoot energy from the Earth’s core into space and rip open the dimensional fabric allowing Blackhorn to draw the Darkforce Dimension into our realm.”

“So that’s how it begins” Time Rider spoke in a near whisper “how did Blackhorn escape the Superhuman Defense League?”

“A demon called Uriah was posing as someone high up in the superhero community” Soldier Supreme told him “we don’t know who because our records are incomplete.”

Manticore arrived at SDL Prime Hall in the dead of night. His nanomites bent the light rendering him invisible to both sight and radar. As long as he could move silently he would be able to gain entry undetected. He made his way around back and pried open a ventilation cover. Then he climbed inside. He could sneak through the air ducts and move around through most of the facility unhindered by security patrols.

He made it to the holding facility without any superhero interference. But gazing through the ventilation grate he was dismayed. Blackhorn was surrounded by members of Victory Squad and the Lost Heroes plus a multitude of robotic defense drones. Slipping through all that to release Blackhorn would take more cunning than he had planned. And once released there was no indication the Lord of the Darkforce would be in any shape to help Manticore fight their way out.

Col Vanguard had a bad feeling that Prime Hall was going to get attacked. So he asked Captain Freedom to triple the guard around Blackhorn. Wrench and Prof. Crow were called in to up the mechanical defenses. Between the two geniuses they had robots and automatic cannons set up to help the heroes. Stonewall would not allow anyone to take Blackhorn away from him now. But something still tugged at him. As if he was being watched. Luther Vanguard looked around the room and then up at the air duct. But he saw nothing and yet the feeling remained.

“I could have sworn” the Colonel mumbled as he thought he saw the ventilation cover move. But nothing came through it and nothing was on the other side. Strange indeed, he should be ashamed at himself jumping at shadows.

Manticore slipped from the air duct and using his wings he floated towards the ground and landed softly. He had been sure for a moment that he had been caught. But the heroes still stood watch as if nothing had alerted them. He slipped around the wall staying as far away from any of the heroes as he possibly could. Davy Crockett’s ear twitched and the rifleman looked straight at him. Manticore froze and waited until the coonskin cap wearing pioneer turned away again.

Hyde’s nose wiggled and he sniffed loudly. He thought he smelled something metallic but with all the robots around he wasn’t sure if he was just picking up one of them or a new scent. His eyes saw nothing out of the ordinary. He must be getting impatient and looking for a reason to rip something apart.

The containment field holding Blackhorn suddenly shutdown but before the behemoth could get free the backup generators kicked in “power surge?” Prof. Crow asked.

“Not likely” Wrench replied “I’ve upgraded the systems to prevent any sort of inadvertent power loss. Then only way for that to happen is to manually shutdown the system. I was actually contemplating removing the backup generators as they seemed redundant now.”

“Lucky for us you didn’t” American Banner said “something’s not right here. We need to find out what just happened.”

An arrow made of pure energy shot forth from Robin’s bow. The energy arrow struck something invisible and short-circuited its invisibility field. Manticore was now exposed to the superhero contingent standing guard.
Posted:  12 Apr 2012 01:58
More great stuff MAvenger!


I'm afraid of the old bait-and-switch is in play.

I doubt Manticore can get out for the lab with all the heroes (though it's impressive he even made it in the first place, so who knows????).
Posted:  12 Apr 2012 01:58
Awesome, you got Hyde and Crockett in the story too!
Posted:  12 Apr 2012 14:24   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
I'm afraid of the old bait-and-switch is in play

not at liberty to discuss yet, it would ruin the surprise

I doubt Manticore can get out for the lab with all the heroes (though it's impressive he even made it in the first place, so who knows

Brainwave designed Manticore to be able to take on a whole group of metas and win. Manticore just hasn't figured out how to do that yet. Just wait the next segment has a couple of battles to liven things up and the heroes are in for a challenge
Posted:  12 Apr 2012 16:57
I'm interested to know what Uriah's part in all this is.

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