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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Bastian Wolfe - the Origin of Time-Rider's Greatest Foe Part 2 
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Bastian Wolfe - the Origin of Time-Rider's Greatest Foe Part 2
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Posted:  25 Apr 2012 22:05   Last Edited By: Tim

Image by Jerod

Time: Present Day
Location: Superhuman Defense League Headquarters

When last we left off, Time-Rider was showing the new members, Atomic Titan and Knight Ranger, around the SDL headquarters when in the trophy room the subject of Time-Rider's greatest foe came up.

Having heard the grim tone in Time-Rider's voice when discussing Bastian Wolfe, the Atomic Titan asks Time-Rider, "Well it's not like he's ever got close, right? I mean you've always been able to defeat him and spoil his evil schemes, right?"

Time-Rider solemnly replies, "Actually, no I haven't always been able to stop him. Not at first. I don't discuss this much and never with non-SDL members, but Wolfe has succeeded at least a couple of times. The last time all of the United States and the rest of the world had fallen to his tyranny after he had successfully saved Hitler from dying in the past and found a way to thwart the Allied invasion at Normandy with his knowledge of the future. The present had become a horrible Nazi nightmare. No freedom, no hope,  no dreams, and gas was over 5 dollars a gallon. It took myself and all the heroes of World War II to defeat him, and put back right what once went wrong."

Knight Ranger, always the detective remarked, "You mean to tell us that an entire generation lived under Nazi rule here in the U.S., a time-line of over seventy years, before you were able to go back and change it? So we actually lived a whole other life we know nothing about?"

"Yes, and no," Time-Rider responded. "It's difficult for even me to explain or even understand all the ramifications of time travel. In one way, you and everyone else here in this present world lived through a horrible Nazi nightmare, and yet it never happened once we set things right again way back in WWII."

"How was Wolfe ultimately defeated?" questioned the Atomic Titan.

Time-Rider spoke with a bit of wonder and mystery, "As evil as Bastian Wolfe is, he can never lie. We got him into a situation where he was forced to tell us what time and place his evil plans had been initiated, and even though he could have conceivably lied his way out of it, he didn't. The man has a weird sense of honor. He'll maim, kill and destroy his fellow man, but he will never lie to him. Of course normally he would keep silent about what his evil master plans were, but in this case he had no choice, or we would have shot Adolf right in the head, right in front of him, and he could never stand for that."

Time: 1961
Location: Shining City, Texas the future home of the White Knight and Bullet Boy at the residence of brilliant scientist Jerry Clark and his son Stephen.

It's a quiet warm spring day in all of Texas, school has just let out and Stephen Clark has rushed home to see what his father has been up to in his basement lab. His father has been off work on an extended leave working on some super secret project, and Stephen hopes his dad will let him in on why it's so secret.

"Dad what gives anyway? You've been working down here in your lab for two months can't you tell me what you got cooking? You know I can keep a secret," said Stephen.

"Son," he said with a kind understanding yet skeptical tone in his voice, "as much as I love you and believe you are sincerely the best kid in the entire universe, you couldn't keep a secret if your life depended on it. In fact, as much as I hate to bring it up again we still haven't conquered that bad habit of yours. You know the one involving telling those complete fabrications you are so prone to tell. You have to earn trust my boy. It's not something you are given."

"I know Pop," he said in a sort of a guilty way, "but it's not easy telling the truth all the time. I know I tend to bend the truth a little, but gee whiz, I thought you were going to clobber me once you saw my last report card."

"Son, " Jerry said, "when are you going to learn I never have, nor never will ever, clobber you unless you count the occasional light spanking on your posterior,  groundings, or loss of allowance as being clobbered. Now my father would have genuinely clobbered me had I ever resorted to lying about anything for any reason. He brought me up with a belief that what makes a man is his character and his integrity. We'll talk about this later son, I've got a lot of work to do. Why don't you go ahead and do your homework, then we'll go outside and pitch the ball for a while, ok."

That evening his father true to his word, as always, played ball with him that night, and then quickly went back to work on his project. But this night he was a little more tired than usual and fell asleep at his desk, thus making it easy for Stephen to silently sneak in and witness the ominous looking machine his father had been working on all this time. But what did it do, he wondered? Maybe Pop wouldn't mind if he just turned it on just for a second, and so he flipped a couple of switches and the machine began to hum. Electricity filled the room and an arc of lightning ran through Stephen's body.

Suddenly his father awakened to witness this nightmarish scene, and screaming, "No, son it's not ready yet! I don't know what it will do to the human body or the mind." Jerry ran as fast as he could and as he jumped toward the boy a hole in space and time opened swallowing them both up to appear only God knew for sure."

To be continued
Posted:  25 Apr 2012 22:14
So that explains Batian knowing bits of the future and why he and his dad were in Hitler's house

I really like this story
Posted:  25 Apr 2012 23:05
Great cliffhanger! Interesting story so far, Tim.
Posted:  25 Apr 2012 23:37
I agree, interesting. Look forward to more.
Posted:  27 Apr 2012 04:28
Great stuff Tim!!  Good to see more TR stories!

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