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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Sugar skulls 7!!! 
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Sugar skulls 7!!!
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Posted:  23 May 2012 18:20   Last Edited By: Tim
Sugar Skulls 7 is up!

Sugar Skulls 7

Fantastic job on the art trickstyx, and I love the cover Bono did. That was just awesome work!
Posted:  23 May 2012 19:17
Dude that is awesome...Great Job Tricks!!!
Posted:  23 May 2012 19:24
Looking good Tricks. Things look to be hotting up for the bad guys.
Posted:  23 May 2012 21:40
Great collaboration for the cover. Enjoy the story and like Sugar Skull's new look. Great work Noe!
Posted:  23 May 2012 22:09
first off let me just say i loved this issue the cover is great and all the action i also love the new outfit i feel like my pinup dosen't belong with all the awesomeness in this one by the way is sugar skulls name Spektro? i always assumed it was sugar skull lol. am i up next to do the cover? if so i have a few ideas i wanna try with watercolor
Posted:  23 May 2012 23:02
Thanx a bunch huys i was hoping you guys would enjoy it!

thanx to Bono for the awesome sketch that i used to make the cover,he had sent it to me a while back,i think it made an awesome cover!!

@jerod-i wanted to update his look a bit and i had always liked jojo's version of the skull so i kinda used his top helmet design,im happy with the way it turned out and its not to muchof a change just enough where i can still draw it in the comic lol.

Spektro will be his Name from now on its basically spectre in spanish,and i just added a K just becuase lol.But the comic will always be Sugar Skulls,also i dont thnk Max really knows they are calling him that just yet lol

funboy absolutely your up for the cover,and dont worry about your art,its all about having fun,by no means am i a great artist lol

hopefully i can stay on track and pump out issue 8 in a couple of months lol
Posted:  25 May 2012 04:25
Styx, this issue was great. About time that sketch i did was put to use hahahahahah! But seriously that was awesome!
Hindsight is always 20/20...
But looking back it's still abit fuzzy. Dave Mustaine
Posted:  25 May 2012 23:24
lol Bono i was waiting for the perfect time!!! lol honestly i appreciate everyone who contributes art and covers for my comic!!!!

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