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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.6: The Intervention Pt. 1 
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Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.6: The Intervention Pt. 1
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Posted:  03 May 2012 17:29   Last Edited By: jerod26

The Intervention Part 1

SDL President’s Office, Early 2012:

Time- Rider, while we appreciate your concerns, I regret to inform you it’s out of your hands at this point- says a figure on a monitor.

Once again sir, I feel our security is impeccable- replies Time-Rider.

An immediate reply- No argument Time-Rider. Remember, he’ll still be under your control.

Understood, but there’s no need to rock the boat gentleman. Seems like we’re creating a lie that will eventually come back and bite us- says Time-Rider in a forceful tone.

Listen Time-Rider, you don’t go along with this and you might as well join the Lost Heroes as their name pretty much sums it up...

Excuse me- interrupts a second figure on the monitor- what he’s trying to say John is that this is non-negotiable. Please accept it. There have scarce issues over the last few decades that I’ve personally asked you a favor John; please play ball with us.

Time-Rider grits his teeth and his eyes go narrow. He remains silent as he projects this nonverbal statement. Finally he replies- Mack, I’ll do it for you. You haven’t steered me wrong in the past, so I will have to trust you now.

On the monitor, a dozen or more shadowy figures nod in unison. One says- Much appreciated Time-Rider; it’s the best for all of us. Please submit your security proposal for review on Tuesday. We’ll then settle and act on a course in no later than 2 weeks. Keep him secure until then.

Will do gents- says Time-Rider with a hint of disappointment in his voice.

Thank you  John Martin. Until Tuesday then, Doomsday Watch out- comes a voice on the monitor as the screen immediately goes dark.

Time-Rider begins to pace slowly, deep in thought. He works his way to the memorial wall. He runs his finger along the base frames for the individual paintings of Skyline, Red Tempest, B29, and several others. He stops at the empty frames set aside for Jackrabbit, Mr. Victory, and Bronze Scarab. With a sigh then he turns to the large oak desk and sits down. After several minutes of finger tapping he reaches for the building communicator and says- Captain Freedom, could you join me at your earliest convenience?

To be concluded
Posted:  03 May 2012 17:53
Very mysterious...

This part has me wondering:

Seems like we’re creating a lie that will eventually come back and bite us
Posted:  03 May 2012 18:24
Something sneaky is going on. I like how this was still when we thought Mr. Victory and Jackrabbit were dead. Your backstory's are really good and lets us in on stuff we didn't know was going on at the time
Posted:  03 May 2012 21:13
I'm curious!

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