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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.7: The Intervention Pt. 2 
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Untold Tales from the Darkness, Vol.7: The Intervention Pt. 2
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Posted:  05 May 2012 20:50

The Intervention Part 2

16 minutes later:

Please come in Captain…Roger- says Time-Rider.

Why so glum chum?- asks Captain Freedom after noting Time-Rider’s expression.

Cap, it’s one of those days and decisions that leaves the stomach queasy and gives the soul pause- replies Time-Rider.

Been there Mr. Martin- says Captain Freedom- and so have you. I can assume this is end of civilization level stuff?

When isn’t it Roger?

Well then John, get to the point.

There is great concern about Blackhorn’s fate, both present and future. The Doomsday Watch wants Blackhorn’s power drain, and overall security, under their explicit control. Stasis would remain here at Prime, but in another location. Access to him, and even knowledge of the change of surroundings would be limited to but a few.

Doomsday Watch, eh? That explains your foul mood John.

Time-Rider nods in agreement, but remains silent.


It’s been my experience that they have the world’s best interests as their prime concern. They’re nothing like the Ragnarok Group.

I can’t disagree Roger. They’ve been a source of good and guidance for generations, even when we both were both literally in diapers.  Shouldn’t complain much as they haven’t put down any edicts in years. It’s just when they do, their tactics and ultra-secrecy bugs me to no end. How have you dealt with it in the past?

The burden of the Doomsday Watch is certainly the least enjoyable part as president of the Superhuman Defense League. During my tenures I’ve actually had limited interaction with them. Remember Mad Marauder incident back in about ’96?

Yeah I do. It really hit the fan, didn’t it?

What you didn’t know at the time was that whole was more intense than you’d imagine. Though you were in the presidential rotation since inception of the SDL, I was instructed to keep some information from even you. Hate it John, hate it.

Obviously it all worked out. Score one for the Watch?

Without a doubt Time-Rider, enough said on that one. From what I hear, we’ve probably had it easy in our dealings with them. Spectrum told me things were tough for the Superhero Battalion during the ‘50s and ’60; probably an overreaction to the influx of metas that came after WW2. Just a guess, but I think it was a big part why he finally retired. The US government regulations were one thing; having the Doomsday Watch superceding even them was an even tougher pill to swallow.

Wow, Spectrum…I haven’t thought of him in years. Only ran into him a few times when he was still active. Can recall multiple awesome stories he told while as an advisor to the SDL formation commission. Great guy. You know, I actually heard similar frustrations about the government and Doomsday Watch from Major Minor. Things were really rough in the decade after WW2 for public heroes. I was mostly off the radar back then as the group that eventually became the ATTA was a fairly insignificant agency at the time. It wasn’t till viable time travel came in the 1970s that we got a more active government over-site.  “Sanctioned” heroes had a short leash prior. Glad the ‘70s opened things up for us, though I’d like to go back in time and give myself a haircut.

Times have definitely changed my friend, for the better I’d say. The work you and others did while I was still in deep freeze established a foundation for the SDL. Anyway, the SDL as a collective, and metas individually today, have much more autonomy then the past. I think the Doomsday Watch dialed it back intentionally and are only intervening when it’s of dire circumstances.

It would seem Blackhorn fits that description Captain.

Without a doubt. We watched the battle on the monitors Time-Rider. Things clearly could have gone bad and bad fast. Brennon’s unexpected return was fortunate and effective, but I have to admit in the end we were fortunate, or perhaps even lucky.

Agreed. Blackhorn has the potential do be infinitely destructive. We faced a weakened foe. If he’d had the Sphere…we’ll let’s just say I’m glad that scenario didn’t come to pass. Future probes have been inconclusive, but most can still detect his presence.

Captain Freedom touches his chin- Makes me wonder though, if they are so concerned about Blackhorn’s future, why don’t they kill him like Raven suggested before the big showdown? I’d be opposed to such an act, but it does give me pause.

Do you remember what I said that day Cap?- asks Time-Rider.

I certainly do Mr. Martin. I took it to heart: “Often the hardest decision is to ignore the easiest solution”. Was a great answer then, and it still rings true even after we came so close to losing the world.

As for the Doomsday Watch’s view on killing, they’ve shared no definitive answer. I’d guess they know allot more than they shared with me. That whole “on a need-to-know basis” crap.

As we’ve mentioned already John, the Doomsday Watch has been right so far. We both have some misgivings, but in the end it seemed best to follow orders.

Yes Cap, I think you’re right.

The two figures stand stationery and eye each other for several seconds. Time-Rider walks towards Captain Freedom and says- I’d appreciate your input Roger. What they’ve shared of their plan so far is pretty ingenious but also risky in my opinion. They want our suggestions so let’s give ‘em a rock-solid plan that has our fingerprints all over it. If we have to carry it out, then by golly we should have a say in how it’s done.

Amen friend, amen.
Posted:  05 May 2012 21:07
So two members of the Doomsday Watch have been revealed. I'm interested to find out who else is involved in the group.
Posted:  05 May 2012 21:48   Last Edited By: new midnight avenger
I appreciate your mention of Mad Marauder and the Ragnarok Group

I like how Doomsday watch was pulling the strings and we didn't even know it!

Oh and the pick of TR and CF is awesome!
Posted:  06 May 2012 00:45
Nice scene! Great conversation. Gives a good feel of the universe the heroes live in. I like how TR has the room decorated with the superhero pics on the wall.

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