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Time Surfer "Riding the Waves of Space-Time" #5
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Posted:  23 May 2012 14:54
Professor Crow walks into the meeting carrying a flat ePad in his hands. Time Surfer looks at him in shock “I must be in a parallel world. You look exactly like Doctor Scarecrow.”

The scarecrow from Oz chuckles to himself “doctor eh? Well Mr. Surfer let’s take a look at you shall we?”

“Names Jake…Jake Martin” Time Surfer told him.

“Could be a cousin of yours” Captain Freedom said.

“Nah we’re a pretty tight nit family. I know all my kinfolk. I’m pretty sure I’d remember him.”

“Will you allow me to take some of your blood?” Prof. Crow asks “that way I can run some DNA tests.”

“Whatever you need Doc…I mean Professor” Time Surfer said rolling up one sleeve.

As the tests were being run the two time travelers, John and Jake Martin, talked about their respective histories and about the differences in their worlds. Though they shared a lot of similarities there was plenty of noteworthy differences as well.

A wormhole then opened above the two men’s heads and they were sucked into it quickly then it closed behind them. Time-Rider and Time Surfer found themselves hurtling through space at breakneck speed. In the swirling vortex they could see others with them. Neither was sure what was going to happen when the spinning stopped.

They found themselves deposited on a barren landscape covered in red sand. The sky was a hazy purple and three suns burned high in the sky. Time-Rider looked around and went for his gun. But Time Reaver hit him square in the jaw before he could draw it. Time Surfer looked from one to the other and wondered if this newcomer was a different version of himself as well? Then his eyes fell on another one wearing a long gray coat and also carrying a surfboard.

“What is going on?” the four men asked in unison.

“It’s good to see you John” the gray coated surfer said “it’s been awhile.”

“Who are you?” Time-Rider asked.

“Your old buddy Jake, remember, the Samurai Surfer. Worked with you at ATTA?” seeing the blank stare on his friend’s face he sighed “none of this seems familiar? What’s happened to you?”

“Vaguely familiar” John replied confused “memories not all intact. If you are my friend where have you been all this time?”

“Traveling” Jake replied “something strange happened back home, something that changed our time. I’m not sure but ever since I’ve been stuck wandering the cosmos looking for a way home.”

“Sound like me” Time Surfer told the Samurai Surfer “got the same first name and everything.”

Time Reaver looked at the others. They were all goody two shoes in his opinion. He was the only real time traveler here. Going where he wanted, when he wanted without government oversight. He didn’t need a calculator to know he was at 3 to 1 odds though. He needed to leave before they teamed up on him. Time Reaver tried to open a portal and found himself blocked.

“No one leaves without permission” another said appearing before them “I am Time-Bender and I need your help.”

This new traveler looked like Time Reaver but wore a patch over one eye and had on a brown jacket with matching slacks “my powers are similar to yours but also slightly different for I can render anyone else’s time manipulating powers useless.”

“What do you want with us?” Time-Rider demanded.

“Like I said I need your help. The Mad Marauder stranded me here eons ago. It looks like he has now done the same to the four of you. He wants to drain us of our temporal powers so he can use them himself.”
Posted:  23 May 2012 18:39
Cool, but Jake did come back for a couple of panels after the time line restarted, but I guess the time line splitting must have created two versions of Jake. The one here from the first time line leaving another Jake that we have yet to hear anything further from in the second time line.
Posted:  23 May 2012 18:57
Cool with all these time-based characters together. Gotta be confusing. Wonder if Time-Bender is good or bad (or in-between)? Anxious to see how this plays out.
Posted:  24 May 2012 00:25
These Time-Bender guy sounds like an extra powerful Time-Rider. Interested to see how it all turns out.

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