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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Message From Space Pt. 2 
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Message From Space Pt. 2
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Posted:  07 Jun 2012 23:38
Message From Space Part 2


25 tense seconds later...

Good news sir- says Professor Crow- BigN, Black Centurion, and Thunderman are fortunately in England. They can be to the Dover Cliffs in less than 9 minutes. Altering the trajectory at the very precipice of the English coast will render a missile launch from mainland Europe unnecessary.

Awesome Professor. I’ve put allot of lives in my hands based on your plan. How will they be able to affect the course of the space object? None of those three can fly.

Flight will be unnecessary but aim will key. I’ve formulated a plan to funnel an energy projection from Thunderman that can be channeled, focused, and projected by Black Centurion.

What?!? How?

Fortunately it’s a scenario I’ve previously discussed with Black Centurion. His suit is advanced enough to facilitate this maneuver. If Thunderman can generate the optimal power supply, and if my trajectory coordinates are accurate, the object can be destroyed or deflected.


Yes sir. If not destroyed, not all is lost. By altering the downward trajectory by but .63 of a degree, I calculate the new impact location will be a harmless location in the Sea of Japan.

Sea of Japan, eh? Has Atomic Son been notified?

Yes Captain. He’s been put on alert and should be airborne and heading West by now.

Good work Crow. Put me on speakerphone…Thunderman, are you in position?

Will be within seconds comrade Midnight. Have Professor Crow send the coordinates immediately.

Professor Crow replies- I’ll transmit to Black Centurion in 23 seconds Thunderman. Power up and stand-by!

SDLE is ready at Dover-says Thunderman as his body begins to surge with electrical energy. Black Centurion stands twenty feet away, awaiting the power input. He pushes multiple suit buttons and turns westward.

Centurion?- says Thunderman with an aire of anticipation.

Adjusting calculations from Crow right now. I’ll be ready to fire in 10 seconds. Let her rip T-man!

Thunderman groans as he pushes his power levels to a previously unseen range. He counts down the seconds as Black Centurion makes minute adjustments to his stance. He extends his arms and thrusts his chest outward.


Ready!- shouts Black Centurion and an instance later a massive plasma burst channels through is chest repulsor. A fraction of a second later both Black Centurion and Thunderman collapse. BigN rushed in towards his friends.

Well Thunderman?!- shouts Captain Midnight into the communicator.

After several seconds comes a reply- This is BigN. The shot was taken and visually the trajectory appeared to change. Thunderman and Centurion are unconscious.

Captain Midnight shoots a look at Professor Crow. He takes a deep breath and says- Professor, were we successful?

Yes…and no sir.

Captain Midnight clenches his jaw as he waits for the next words out of Professor Crow’s mouth.

To be continued...
Posted:  08 Jun 2012 01:00
Yes…and no sir.

Hmm doesn't sound as good as the heroes could have hoped for. Especially with two now unconscious.
Posted:  08 Jun 2012 02:44   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
The situation looks grim. Hopefully Crow can come up with another solution.
Posted:  08 Jun 2012 14:35
Very exciting story! Like watching a big movie!

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