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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Message From Space Pt. 3 
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Message From Space Pt. 3
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Posted:  08 Jun 2012 12:46   Last Edited By: jerod26
Message From Space Part 3

Presidential Office SDL Prime Hall: 

Crow, I need answers- barks Captain Midnight.

Object was not destroyed, but its trajectory has been adjusted. Ukraine is safe and as hypothesized it’s now heading towards the Sea of Japan.

Captain, DSLE members are just shaken and groggy. We’ll be OK- comes word through the communicator.

Captain Midnight turns to a wall monitor and says- SDLE did their part. Hope Atomic Son is up for this...

268 miles inside the Chinese border:

First off Atomic Titan was just put on alert, but he’s on the East Coast. Haven’t been able to contact Vortex for transport, so he’s gotta fly. Best case he’s there in 18 minutes, which is well past our splashdown window. He may not be able to help with stopping it, but he will aid in recovery- say Captain Midnight- Also, as per your concerns I did check one more time with the Chinese government.

Domo..[“thanks”]..they must be concerned to allow a Japanese citizen into their airspace. Most unheard of- says Atomic Son.

Agreed. Let’s not give them any reason to second-guess the decision. Take care of the space object then leave whence you came please- says Captain Midnight.

Yes Captain.

OK Atomic Son, your intercept trajectory is looking perfect on our monitor; hold your air space for now. You should have a visual within 30 seconds. Once you get the word from Crow, start heading in the opposite direct at top speed. Timing is critical as its speed is incredible. If you don’t get the proper head start you may not catch it. Its course since being diverted near England has been consistent. Crow thinks it has no maneuvering control and is simply flying a natural course. This should allow you to get close to it and not play cat-n-mouse with it. You getting all this Son?

Yes Captain. Once I am in a parallel path with it, what do I do?

Hopefully nothing, just babysit it. Crow estimates it will clear China, Korea, and Japan with no issue and land 800 miles south and east of Kyushu [southern most portion of Japan]. He may have you nudge it or blast it if the trajectory falls short and threatens any of the countries.

Yes Captain. I can see the flare of the object…standing by.

6 seconds later Professor Crow yells into his earpiece- Go.....sir!


Atomic Son blasts eastward with the object rapidly approaching from behind. Within 20 seconds it has nearly caught him. Atomic Son increases his speed slightly then turns downward to where the object will soon pass. It's an approximately 10 foot diameter sphere; metallic and clearly man-made. Its course holds true so Atomic Son dares to venture within arms reach. All his atomic power is focused on flight speed; should this object have a defense mechanism he could be at mortal risk.

Talk to me Son!- says Captain Midnight.

Parallel course and speed with the object Captain. I seem to have matched its speed but do have a little in reserve if needed.

Awesome Son!- says Captain Midnight into his speaker as he turns to Professor Crow  and says- Crow, what’s does the path look like?

Nearly perfect Captain. They have already passed Korea. I believe it will carry a little further east than expected. I propose he give it a slight downward nudge so it doesn’t carry even further.

Atomic Son, do you feel comfortable touching it?

Yes sir.

From above, give it just a slight downward push. After that, back off and let nature lead it into the ocean.

Atomic Son gets into position and with both hands pushes down with a single even thrust. He then veers upward and backs off the speed a bit. The object continues its gradual downward and easterly path and splashes into the ocean barely 4 minutes later. The water burst is incredible, but the ripples are surprisingly small. Atomic Son determines a Tsunami Warning is not required. He hovers directly over impact point as steam and bubbles continue to come to the surface. He soon spies another flying object, this time in the shape of a man.


Sorry I missed the action Atomic Son- says Atomic Titan.

Fortunately it was rather uneventful Atomic Titan.

Great. SDL wants me to bring it up and out…with you as back up. If we deem it safe we take it to Prime Hall. If not we attempt destruction on-site- says Atomic Titan.

Atomic Son touches his transmitter and says to both Atomic Titan and Captain Midnight- I should note that I believe I caught the outline of a humanoid through a viewport in the capsule-like object.

Atomic Titan freezes in his tracks, looks at Atomic Son, then speaks into his transmitter- Captain Midnight, do we proceed?

Yes, proceed.....with extreme caution.

Dozo (after you)- says Atomic Son as he motions down to the bubbling cauldron below.

To be continued...
Posted:  08 Jun 2012 13:48

More aliens coming to Earth. It seems this is the place for them to take refuge or try and conquer. Guess we'll soon find out if this one is friendly or not.
Posted:  08 Jun 2012 14:38
I can't wait to find out what this thing is, or what's inside of it!
Posted:  09 Jun 2012 19:59
I should note that I believe I caught the outline of a humanoid through a viewport in the capsule-like object.

Interested to see the next segment to find out what they discover.

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