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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Message From Space Pt. 4 
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Message From Space Pt. 4
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Posted:  11 Jun 2012 13:31
Message From Space Part 4

8 Hours Later- SDL Anomaly Detention Center:

Nexus sent over a universal translator. Professor Crow has tested it with the visitor and feels it’s accurate. It’s up to us now gentlemen- says Captain Freedom as he looks those nearby him directly in the eye.

Captain Freedom, Time-Rider, and Captain Midnight slowly form a single line and walk into the non-descript room. The blank walls are broken up only by two recessed monitors that are currently blank, air vents, and a single video camera. Seated at a table is a well-built being cloaked in total blackness. Though humanoid in shape, no features are discernable beneath the shimmering black bodysuit.


We know you can alter your suit- says Captain Freedom- so please show us some face. We’d like seeing whom we are dealing with.

Yes…I understand- says the figure as the facial area of his suit slowly begins to dissolve, revealing a human-like face.

The heroes look at each other and then Captain Midnight says- Thanks friend. In response to your gesture, we are willing to remove our masks and headgear too if you wish.

Not needed. I understand I am the visitor, not you. Please call me Set. May I ask your names?

Sorry, should have done that right away partner- says Time-Rider- this is Captain Midnight, he is Captain Freedom, Professor Crow you’ve met, and I’m called Time-Rider.

Appreciated sirs. I sense this is a security prison of sorts?- asks Set.

Not really chum- replies Captain Freedom- you are in a secure room, but the facility is not a prison by any means. This is the headquarters of Earth’s Superhuman Defense League.

You’ve acknowledged you are a visitor, where are you from?

I was sent to find my father, Ovis Thurm.

Never heard of him; once again friend, where are you from?

I’m clearly from another region of space, but I also fear I may be from a different time. While my trek through space lasted but 34 days, I sense a shift in time. As I understand how time expands on your Earth, I would say my trek actually took the equivalent of over 9 years.

We’ll work it out friend; we know allot about "time" here. Speaking of that, one final time; where are you from?!- asks Captain Freedom in a forceful tone.

The stranger puts his finger to his chin and clearly ponders a bit before answering- While celestial bodies my have different names in the cosmos, I’d say I hail...

Sirs! – interrupts Professor Crow- this man is oozing darkforce energy! My monitor is off the charts!

Security; Augment-Meta stat!- yells Captain Freedom into a communicator.

The room grows tense in anticipation. The revelation of darkforce energy has clearly rattled the room and the visitor realizes the situation has changed. After nearly 30 seconds of silence, Phantom Marvel, Superion, and Atomic Titan step into the room with a dozen security force personnel remaining in the hallway.

What the problem Captain Freedom?-asks Superion.

Hopefully nothing...-replies Captain Freedom as he looks in the direction of the alien-...just stand your ground for now please.

Do you have an explanation for the energy readings pal?- asks Captain Midnight.

My home planet is known as Throneworld and…

“Throneworld”, as in Blackhorn?!- interrupts Time-Rider.

Professor Crow quickly punches several buttons on an electronic tablet and a 3D hologram of Blackhorn appears in the center of the table.

The alien looks at the image and says- Yes, Blackhorn...my father.

To be concluded…
Posted:  11 Jun 2012 13:57
uh oh could be bad but this 'son' doesn't appear malevolent at least not yet. maybe he can help the heroes remove Blackhorn from Earth?
Posted:  11 Jun 2012 14:36
Something tells me this alien is good even though his father is Blackhorn.

I was on the edge of my seat waiting for him to tell us where he was from.

Great suspense build up!
Posted:  13 Jun 2012 01:54   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
He seems to act nothing like his father (if his story is true). Maybe he's a good guy?? And I wonder why Blackhorn never mentioned him before.

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