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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Message From Space Pt. 5 
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Message From Space Pt. 5
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Posted:  12 Jun 2012 13:46   Last Edited By: jerod26
Message From Space Part 5

...Yes, Blackhorn…my father.

All heroes present quickly look at each other, too stunned to speak. The alien visitor begins to feel what human’s call “uncomfortable”. Not knowing how the respond to his captors obvious tension, he remains silent.

Finally Time-Rider says- You are the son of Blackhorn!?

Yes Time-Rider. I sense that is a problem- Set replies.

Just a bit- replies Time-Rider- You just told us you are the son of Blackhorn; we don’t take too kindly to him in these parts. Why didn’t you tell us initially?

I did not lie to you, I told you I was searching for my father...

...who just happens to be Blackhorn? Why the deceit? Why  not call him by name?

As I am his son, I’ve never felt comfortable calling him Blackhorn as for most on Throneworld, and surrounding galaxy, that name has negative associations. He is my father and deserves a matter of respect- says Set. The alien glances at the bulky heroes over his shoulder who appear antsy and then says- Perhaps you have misunderstood my intentions. I am here seeking Ovis…”Blackhorn”, but it’s not to rescue him; it’s to kill him.

The room goes deathly silent again.

You...his son…plan to kill Blackhorn!?- says Captain Freedom.

Yes, it’s why I was sent to Earth in the spacecraft. Is that a problem?- asks Set.

Well…not necessarily. In general, the SDL is against killing. Have to check what regulations say about intervening in affairs of out-worlders while on Earth. This might be precedent setting- says Time-Rider.

Captain Midnight says- What makes you think you can even kill him Set? He’s one tough hombre.

As I alluded to previously, I’m considered the bastard and unwanted son of Blackhorn. The reason for my exclusion from his court is that I posses the rare ability to generate “light” energy along with “dark”, or as you call it “darkforce” energy. Light energy, in a specific range, can weaken and ultimately kill Blackhorn. As I possess both dark and light energy, I am a threat to him and his rein. Let me demonstrate…and I guarantee this is not a trick to escape or injure anyone present.

Set’s body begins to glow white and he forms a small white energy ball in his extended palm. After several seconds of this, his body begins to glow black and his suit turns white quicker than the eye can register. The energy ball turns black at the same time. After several quick tosses between his hands the plasma ball disappears and he returns to his previous black appearance.


Impressive, but how were you going to blast him if you were out of favor and in exile?- asks Captain Freedom.

A plan was in place that would have gotten me back in apparent good graces with my father. Once I was physically back in contact with him I would take the first opportunity to kill him. While the plan was still months to fruition, that opportunity was stolen away from us. Through still unknown means, Blackhorn disappeared from Throneworld. I personally feel the devious Cthulhu had a hand in it, as he coveted father’s monarchy. I have nearly as much disdain for Cthulhu as I do my father. He proved doubly disastrous for freedoms cause on Throneworld by thwarting our long-term plan and then attempting a coup once father was gone. Rue him should our paths meet again.

Interesting-says Captain Freedom in a raised tone directed to those in the room who were aware of the Cthulhu/Echelon situation.

To continue- says Set- We figured it was best to find him and send me to his location. A rudimentary spacecraft was our only option as the wormholes my father had experimented with were never perfected. I have spoken nothing but the truth and would now appreciate the location of my father so I may complete my “mission”.

Going to have to deny that request for the moment Set until I can clarify some legal issues. You’ll now be escorted to a comfortable holding unit until we can determine the best course of action. While technically you will be a prisoner, we’ll do our best to keep you informed and answer reasonable questions you have of Earth. Per protocol though we need to limit your movements at this facility till you are deemed “not a threat”.

Understandable Captain- says Set as he walks towards the escort party at the doorway.

Captain Midnight shuts the door once the security contingent and Professor Crow have left the room. He then says- Sticky situation eh? Think he’d even be able to find Blackhorn under all that ice when the SDL couldn’t? (See: Midnighters/SDL)

Time-Rider and Captain Freedom look at each other, then back to Captain Midnight.

Captain...it’s a long and complicated story, but essentially the Doomsday Watch had us move Blackhorn many months ago. As hard as it is to believe, it was not Blackhorn that Uriah sprung free and was ultimately lost in the arctic ice- says Captain Freedom. (See: Untold Tales from the Darkness Vol.6)

You’re kidding, right?- says Captain Midnight sarcastically.

No, we’re not- says Time-Rider-  You would have found out soon when your presidential rotation started in a couple months. We apologize, but the Doomsday Watch was explicit to not share this information until absolutely necessary.

Guys, I know how they operate- replies Captain Midnight- so don’t worry about it. Blackhorn aside, is this guy legit?

Wish Astra-Fire had been available to consult- says Captain Freedom- but my gut tells me he’s OK.

Time-Rider and Captain Midnight nod in agreement.

Time-Rider speaks- So assuming Set is cleared, do we let him kill Blackhorn?

Kinda would simplify things, wouldn’t it?- says Captain Freedom.

Not really guys,- says Captain Midnight- to paraphrase the words once spoken by a wise man: “Sometimes the hardest decision is not taking the easiest option”.

Knowing this will not be an easy decision or outcome, all three heroes slowly nod in agreement and look in the directions of the others. In a single somber line they exit the room.

More at a later date...
Posted:  12 Jun 2012 14:51
wonder if they'll finally spill the beans on what they did with the real Blackhorn and what was posing as Blackhorn?

can't wait for more!!
Posted:  12 Jun 2012 15:34
Interesting, and great illustration of the dark force and light force.
Posted:  12 Jun 2012 17:25
MAvenger- The full story of Blackhorn's current status will come out eventually. I've changed my thoughts a few times and haven't worked it all out yet. It's complicated and I want it to make sense in the end.
Posted:  13 Jun 2012 02:01
Set seems like an interesting character and I wonder if the secrets kept between Capt. Freedom and Time-Rider will drive a wedge between other members of the SDL later?

I'm very interested to see how this all turns out.

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