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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Warlords From Outerspace: Episodes 4-6 
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Warlords From Outerspace: Episodes 4-6
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Posted:  30 Jun 2012 05:32
Episode 4: Aerial Assault

Republic focus

Captain America, Captain Marvel, Rocket Man, and Spy Smasher converge in New York. Masked Marvel is captured by Crimson Ghost. He escapes and gets word to Captain Marvel who transports him to New York. As they arrive, rocketships appear on the horizon.


Episode 5: Heroes Unite

Flash and Green Hornet are shown on Mongo battling Dr. Zorka’s Phantom Robot. Quickly realizing Ming has already headed to Earth they speed back home. The space fleet circles New York, causing the Republic and Columbia heroes to all converge in Times Square at the same time. Superman, Rocket Man, Captain Marvel, and Mandrake are successful in crippling or destroying multiple rocketships. Disabled craft land in Times Square and are descended on by the other heroes. Operational rocketships retreat. Spy Smasher is accompanied by Captain America and follows in his airplane. Batman interrogates sole survivor. He delivers a cryptic message from the Purple Monster and then bites on a hidden cyanide capsule. Flash and the Green Hornet arrive in Times Square just as the villain dies. The group decides to split up and follow their leads.


Episode 6: Chaos in New York

Universal focus

Now in New York, Green Hornet and Flash Gordon encounter King Vultan who has been working for Ming and the Purple Monster. Jungle Jim shows up just as  fistfights begin. Information from King Vultan sends them to California. Brief appearance by Secret Agent X-9 and Tim Tyler.


To be continued...

Episodes 1-3
Posted:  30 Jun 2012 14:48
This would have been the biggest movie serial in history. For it's time it could have beat the Avengers. Too bad they never thought of huge teamups back then.

It would be neat if they made a modern day movie with old movie serial characters teamed up in the 1940's period with today's effects. I love movies set in that time period like Indiana Jones, the Phantom, Rocketeer, etc.

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