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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Spider-man movie reviews 
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Spider-man movie reviews
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Posted:  04 Jul 2012 22:24
I'm actually going to Spider-man this afternoon. I'm more excited to see it now than I was a month or so ago.......
Posted:  04 Jul 2012 23:50
I won't spoil it but I went yesterday and pun intended I thought it was Amazing!

The effects were cool and the lizard was pretty good. I like how it alluded to things that would probably be in the sequel but kept the mystery.

This one was darker than the previous Spiderman movies though and I kinda missed Spidey's quips in this one.
Posted:  05 Jul 2012 00:54
Just got back from watching Spider-man.

I loved the ending after the credits. Really sets up the next movie nicely.

Loved the humor that was in the movie, but it was a little dark and sad at times. The Stan Lee cameo was the best I've ever seen.

Movie was fun, and they improved on the swinging scenes from the last trilogy by using more stuntmen vs more cgi.

On the negative, I missed Cliff Robertson as Uncle Ben. Martin Sheen is a great actor, but I didn't feel like he embodied Uncle Ben quite as much as Cliff Robertson. I also missed J. Jonah Jameson.

I kind of feel like they fixed problems that was on the Raimi Trilogy, but kind of missed some of the things that made those movies so much fun at the same time. I guess there's no such thing as a perfect movie, and they kind of opened themselves up to more comparisons by redoing the origin story. Although, I have to say they kept the origin interesting all the way through. I wasn't bored that's for sure.

We saw it in 3D, but I'm not sure the 3D was completely worth the extra dough. It was cool for sure, but boy it cost us 17 bucks for me and my wife.

I'm excited for the sequel, but I can't say it was better than the first Sam Raimi movie, but then that one is going to go down as a classic like Superman the Movie.

All in all it's a great movie. I'll be buying it for my superhero DVD collection. Avengers is still the best movie out so far this summer, to me at least.

I have a feeling they have plans for Flash Thompson. He's going to wind up being Venom before it's over I bet.
Posted:  05 Jul 2012 03:15
Wife and I were quite impressed (kids are out of town with relatives this week). It was really really good. Once you let go of the Maguire series, Garfield actually makes a great teen Parker/Spider-man. Effects were awesome and the plot was good. Lizard was a little big, and I wish by the later transformations that he'd have more of a snout like the comics version, but that is my only "complaint". was quite pleased after my inital disappointment months ago when I first saw the suit. Recommended highly by the Blayneys of Lincoln, Nebraska.
Posted:  05 Jul 2012 15:25
You know I was thinking during the battle scenes that this is what it might look like if Spider-man fought the Incredible Hulk. Now wouldn't that be a crowd pleaser?
Posted:  05 Jul 2012 23:29
Tim- I didn't write it previously, but I had the exact same "Hulk" thought.
Posted:  11 Sep 2014 21:40   Last Edited By: theillustrator
I know alot of people didn't like the  Amazing Spider-man.  but I loved it

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