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Going Commando for 50 years
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Posted:  11 Jul 2012 10:27
In the U.K. for the past 50 years there has been a comic called Commando. All the stories are War based from all time periods. It's a only a small form comic about A5 in size (half a normal comic book) I don't know if you can get them in the States or not but they have a cult status over here.

Here's a brief news item featuring some of the art work.

Posted:  11 Jul 2012 12:53
Never heard of it before. Never a fan of "war" comics, though the WW2/Golden Age era is my favorite setting for superheroes.

The artwork on display at the Gordon Highlanders Museum looks awesome!. Love seeing original artwork, especially paintings.

My son and I recently went to the Nebraska State Museum to see a display on local artist Bob Hall who worked at Marvel/DC/others through the 1990s.


There was also a permenant display on John Falter. He was a Nebraska painter who did covers for Saturday Evening Post (contemporey of Rockwell), pulp magazines, and lots of other stuff from the 30s-70s. Really good stuff from the WW2 era. Fun to see orignal paintings right next to the magazine cover. It was way cool.The original for this one was there:

Posted:  11 Jul 2012 14:27
I don't think I was into war comics initially I was more like Jerod at first just into WWII superhero stories like All-Star Squadron, but over the years I've grown more interested in old war stories I missed originally. Got a collection now going of old DC war books.
Posted:  11 Jul 2012 16:12
Found a few more images of Commando Covers without the banner logo on them.

Posted:  11 Jul 2012 21:26   Last Edited By: Tim
A lot of great art. They remind me of old WWII war posters. From the video the one with the planes and spotlights was the best to me.




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