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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Message From Space Pt. 6 
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Message From Space Pt. 6
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Posted:  12 Jul 2012 13:33   Last Edited By: jerod26
Message From Space Part 6

One week later...

Captain Freedom enters the minimally, but comfortably, decorated room.
The dark figure inside rises from the couch.

Hello Set- says Captain Freedom.

Hello Captain…any decisions yet?- replies Set.

Yes, but first I’d like to say how impressed I am with your progress this last week. From what Professor Crow says you were able to ditch the universal communicator in less than 4 days. Very impressive display; mastering English so quickly.

Don’t forget Mandarin Chinese and Spanish too Captain- says Set.

Simply incredible. Now, what you are really after. First off, your progress and behavior has been deemed exemplary and you will be released from SDL supervision upon completion of the meeting. Second…we will not allow you to kill your father. Despite our deep-seated hatred of Blackhorn and his infinite potential for mass destruction, we posses a deeper aversion to murder.

Without a delay Set replies- Part one is much appreciated Captain, and part two is not unexpected. As I am a visitor to your planet I will obey with your edict; this I promise.

Somewhat surprised by the quick and conciliatory reply, Captain Freedom pauses momentarily then says- Fantastic Set! You’ve made a wise choice and we appreciate your understanding.

May I go Captain.

Yes, by all means. I would be remiss though if I didn’t ask your plans. While free from direct supervision, please be conscious that SDL will still “observe”.

Understandable. As  for my “plans”, I have none. What are my options?

Have you consider going home?

Throneworld, you could get me there?! From what I understand my father was not even able to accomplish such a feat.

Perhaps. I have a friend [Vortex] who has traveled to the Darkforce Dimension, and might be able to return there with you in tow.

That would be my first choice then Captain. Earth has been a very hospital planet, especially considering all the undue panic my runaway ship caused, but if I can’t accomplish my intended mission I would prefer to leave.

Very well. I’ll get the process started. If you wish you can stay in your present SDL accommodations the next few days while the paperwork runs its course.

Very well. Thank you Captain.

Three days later, Area 51:

Once again we appreciate your services Vortex- says Captain Freedom.

Glad to help Captain. I know what it’s like to be an alien far from home- says Vortex as he then turns- You ready to go Set?

Yes, please proceed.

Vortex raises his hands above his head as he closes his pupil-less eyes. Out of thin air a pulsating mist-like mass begins to form in the large bay area. After a few hand gestures the mass condenses into a shimmering one-dimensional vertical oval about nine feet tall. Vortex gives a “follow me” nod of his head as he steps into the space. Set immediately follows and the ovals dissipates several seconds later.

To be concluded...
Posted:  12 Jul 2012 14:49
I had to look up Vortex on the gallery when you said he had pupil-less eyes.  I didn't remember what he looked like. Had to see what his appearance was.

Posted:  14 Jul 2012 16:39
I prefer this image of Vortex b/c he seems more mature


The one Tim found I think I made him too youthful looking and more of a sidekick instead of a full blown hero in his own right.

Really cool story. Have the feeling though that the trip home for Set won't be as smooth as it seems. Hopefully Vortex can get him back and return to our world without too much difficulty.
Posted:  15 Jul 2012 06:53
I wonder if something will go wrong to prevent Set from leaving Earth? Guess I'll have to wait and see.

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