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Ultimate Villain vs Ultimate Superhero?
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Posted:  19 Jul 2012 08:37
The other day I saw this on the BBC website. A poll was taken of what moviefans at Lovefilm would think the ultimate bad guy and good guy would look like. The artist is Jake Lawrence. Can you spot which bits have been taken from where?

Posted:  19 Jul 2012 13:19

Not sure who the red portion of "Batman" represents.
Rorschach must have a big following in GBritain to be the mask; if not for the movie I don't think many in the US would know him.

"Joker's" right arm and cape has me stumped.Wonder if those parts are from an English villain???
Posted:  19 Jul 2012 22:35
According to their list the bad guy is made up of the Jokers suit, Doc Ocks arms, Dr Dooms cape and the mask surprisingly belongs to the Nazi villain from the first Hellboy?

As for the hero you spotted Rorschach mask, with Batman's ears, there also includes Wolverines claws and although the article didn't say it I'm pretty sure the red/yellow is for Ironman.

Interestly there is no Superman elements or Spiderman ones to be seen. As I said in the intro this is a 'filmfans' list not a comic fans list.

As for Rorschach I do find it odd people included him but I really don't think we English like him better then American fans. If anything if you look at Youtube you'll find hundreds of tribute vids from US fans way before the movie came out.
Posted:  20 Jul 2012 01:21
I recognized a lot of characters in there, but not all of them. Totally missed Dr. Doom's cape and the Nazi villain from the first Hellboy.
Posted:  21 Jul 2012 02:45
I'd thought the hero's mask was Grendel's.
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