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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Johnny Rebel in The Battle for Athens Part 7 
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Johnny Rebel in The Battle for Athens Part 7
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Posted:  23 Jul 2012 12:37
Johnny Reb in 'The Battle for Athens' Part 7
Character by Tim Frady  Story by Wayne Clayton


In the kitchen of Joe's Coffee House the air was thick with tension as Knox Henry found all eyes looking at him. In that small room packed with expectant faces Henry realised he was once more at the battle front, mens lives were at stake and he now had been thrust into the role of would be General. He took a moment to compose his thoughts as he looked into his mens eyes, it was in them that he saw just what strength they truely had.

"Ok people, Cantrell and Sheriff Mansfield have, whether we like it or not, have forced us into a situation which we can't back down from. If we do then we might just as well pack up our homes and families and move clean cross country cause our lives here wont be worth a dime. They'll grind us down under their jackboots just the same as those Fascist tried to do in Europe, we lost a lot of good men trying to stop them and I'm darn well not going to let them do the same here"

The men nodded in agreement as his words hit their mark.

"Mansfield thinks he's got us out numbered with those men he got but he's wrong. All he's got are a bunch of old men and boys dressed up in uniforms. We've got G.I.'s and Marines who have seen more action in one week then they have seen in the last 20 years. Plus a bunch of rusty pea shooters which likely or not have never been fired one in anger by them or anyone else"

"That's as maybe, but we'd be lucky if we've got enough guns to outfit a six man patrol" said Walt Shepherd, a man no-one would dare call coward.

"Ok, well we'll just have to even up the odds. Walt spread the word and get me every man with a gun who willing to fight back here in 20 minutes. Then I want you to seal off the whole area, NOTHING comes in or out of the square or the County Court and that includes phone calls so cut the wires before they get wind of what we've doing. I want a barracade set up right where Cantrell and Mansfield can see it. Anyone without a gun give them a broom to play soldiers with, it's dark and they don't know what we've got and remember no one moves or fires without my say so"

Then Henry smiled as a thought struck him.

"Say isn't there a Home Guard depot over in Etowah? They're bound to have some stuff we can use"

"Mansfields put two guards out there" said Walt.

"Well lets go and relieve them of duty" 

Inside the courts jail Johnny Rebel began to stir. The pungent smell of the Chloroform still hung heavy on his clothing but its effects were fading fast. Opening his still sore eyes slowly he realised he was no longer in the polling station, in front of him he saw that he was in a cage made of thick black iron bars. 'Surely they knew what he was capable of?' he thought. Then as he flexed his sleepy muscles he became aware that while he had been knocked out they had bound him hand and foot to some unseen object behind him. He cautiously tested the limits of his freedom and was surprised when the object behind him gave out a low moan.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you Boy!" came a voice from the darkness in front of him. A voice which although unfamilar to him carried in its manner something of a voice he knew all to well.

"I know what your thinking Reb, 'Your Chains of Steel cannot hold me Villain..... for I am JOHNNY REBEL... THE TENNESSEE STONGMAN!!' the voice mocked.

"I think your confusing me with Max Milton if you want I'll get you a signed photo next time I'm in Hollywood...who should I get him to make it out too?"  (read Johnny Rebel in Shadow)

"Oh I wouldn't want you to go to any trouble on my account son."

Johnny strained his head forward trying to peer into the gloom, then suddenly stopped as he heard the quiet telltale sound of a spring slowly been release.

"I told you not to do that. Now I've watched enough News Reels to know a simple Hand Granade won't do much damage to you John....but I doubt your 'friend' back will enjoy the experience as much as I will"

Johnny gently tilted his head back till he head the triggers metal touch the main body again.

" Ok you've got my attention how about you tell me just what it is you want?"

"Oh I just want to talk John..it's seems so long since we've had one of our little chats"

"I can't recall us having been on friendly terms Stranger"

"I'm hurt John..that's no way to talk to KIN ..your Mother would be so disappointed in you SON"
Posted:  23 Jul 2012 13:22
Johnny is in a tough spot.
What's "dad" going to do???
Posted:  23 Jul 2012 23:43
Whoa! Johnny's dad! Didn't see that one coming!
Posted:  24 Jul 2012 18:54
WHAT? Johnny's dad is locked up too? Whoa this getting really good Wayne!

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