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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Message From Space Pt. 7 
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Message From Space Pt. 7
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Posted:  31 Jul 2012 02:46
Message From Space Part 6

15 seconds later...

Captain Freedom turns and heads for the door along with Professor Crow. Suddenly there is a flash or energy and noise as the portal begins to reform. The two figures look at each other in obvious confusion. Captain Freedom advances to the energy portal cautiously. Suddenly a shivering Vortex and dazed Set emerge and fall straight to the floor. The portal closes immediately.

Good gravy, what happened man?!- shouts Captain Freedom to the room in general as he crouches near the fallen.

Professor Crow pushes an intercom receiver and calls for medical assistance.

Why didn’t you come?- asks Vortex through chattering teeth.

Come? You were only gone a handful of seconds?! I don’t understand Vortex, what happened?

Seconds? It was nearly 3 days Captain. I don’t understand- replies Vortex as he passes out.

Captain freedom turns next to Set, who is likewise unconscious.

Several hours later, Nexus Sick Bay:

The doctors say you both will be fine. Your alien physiologies will aid in full recovery, but it’s suggested you take a couple days for convalescing.

Both nod in acknowledgement. Set speaks- Captain Freedom, about the attempted trip to Throneworld, as you can see it did not end well.

Captain Freedom shakes his head in agreement and says- Vortex, can you tell me what happened?

Yes Captain. The transport started out fine. Throneworld began to materialize on the horizon. Suddenly everything stopped. Instead of the portal opening on Throneworld, it opened in outer space, hundreds of thousands of miles short of our target. We were immediately immobilized by some unknown force and we simply hovered there; we were still in my portal and outer space was inches from our face. It was like looking through a frosted piece of glass.

Immobilized, any guess why or how?

None Captain- says Set- It was quite discerning. I have experience with space flight, but that was in a star craft. Knowing the rigors of space on most humanoids, there was the constant fear we’d helplessly “float” out of the portal and into open space.

Yes- says Vortex- luckily that didn’t  happened, but I was close enough to space that as the days passed I began to get quite cold. Set, seemed less effected as the Darkforce Dimension in general is much colder that most regions of the universe. He had a bit of innate resistance.

So how did you break free of your stasis and return?- questions Captain Freedom.

I was able to communicate with Set telepathically. Together we experimented with combining our powers to find a solution. Eventually the right combination came together. The instant I gained motion I conjured up a return portal.

Incredible. I can’t believe you endured this limbo for days, while it was only seconds here- says Captain Freedom.

If I may Captain- says Professor Crow- Based on experience with Blackhorn, we know time progresses differently between the worlds, though normally it is Earth that advances at a quicker pace. Somehow this time, several days in the Darkforce Dimension equated to mere seconds here. Perhaps the mode of transport affected the expected time variance; honestly I’m not sure why. It will take more study.

Before a second return trip is even considered, we need an explanation as to why your entrance to the Darkforce Dimension was rejected. Can’t risk the chance that the next time you are left to the mercy of open space- says Captain Freedom- Set, I’m afraid your stay on Earth has been extended.

Yes. I understand and do not want to put others at risk. If I am to remain here indefinitely, I’d like to continue my mission of helping those in need. It will make me a more complete leader when I finally make it back home. As such, I wish to leave my given name...my Throneworld name  behind till the day I can return. I appreciate the varied and colorful monikers many of the metas and adventurers here on Earth have adopted. In the same vein, I’d like to represent my paradoxical nature as both a darkforce being and a possessor of rare white light energy. During my stay on your planet. Please call me Darklight.

The End

Posted:  31 Jul 2012 03:17
hmm wonder what went wrong? Glad Vortex's portal held though.Very interesting dilemma indeed.
Posted:  02 Aug 2012 06:23   Last Edited By: Rick Jones
For some reason, Darklight reminds me a great deal of one of my favorite Avengers, the Vision. I think it's his personality and the way you handled his dialogue.

It will be cool to see how he interacts with other characters from the SU. I wonder if there will be a lot of suspicion in the air with him being Blackhorn's son?

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