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    Superhero Comic Book News & Community Blast From The Past Pt. 1 
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Blast From The Past Pt. 1
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Posted:  03 Aug 2012 01:40   Last Edited By: jerod26
Blast From The Past Part 1


...B29 was pressed into military service again shortly after the outbreak of the Korean War. After the disastrous "Chinese New Year's Offensive" on New Year's Eve of 1950, General Douglas MacArthur, then Commander-in-Chief of the United Nations Command, pressed President Eisenhower for the use of Atomic weapons. Eisenhower resisted and instead offered to send B29 covertly to China on a mission to end the war by “any means necessary”. On January 9, 1951, B29 entered into China under the cover of night. He was never heard from again and the Korean War continued till the Armistice of 1953.

Note: Takes place shortly after Rick’s Superhero Universe Team Up #2.


SDL Prime Hall:

I’m sorry Comrade, but SDL monitors haven’t picked up zilch on Manslaughter. If word got back to him after our trip to Dmitrov, he may be laying low- says Captain Freedom.

He’ll slip up and I’ll be ready to pounce.

Manslaughter will have earned every ounce of punishment you dish out and I hope I’m there when it all goes down. I didn’t know him well, but Red Star was my friend and I will stand in defense of my friends till my last breath.

Your support is much appreciated Captain. Expect a call from me later.

I will answer it gladly. On another subject Comrade…I’m sorry I haven’t really had a chance to say this earlier, but I am extremely overjoyed that you are both free and alive.

The sentiment is quite mutual Captain. Considering I attended your memorial service in 1945, it’s most pleasing to now stand here beside you.

We are two old relics, aren’t we Alexi?

Da Captain, though based on appearance you’ve come through in better shape than me.

I’m sure my decades on ice has something to do with it Comrade.


I hear the SDLE has interest in you. Are you staying in the game? If so, you have my unquestioned support and recommendation.

To be determined. If the SDLE should call, I will listen. That is not where I am headed though.

Earlier you mentioned we are relics of an earlier time. This is true; and I believe we are not alone.

...are you referring to a veteran like Tempus Omega? Tempus Omega comes and goes so maybe you haven't seen him, but he’s not in hiding.

Net Captain, I refer to B29.

B29!? I was in stasis at the time, but even I know he’s been gone since the early 1950s.

Indeed. It was a very sad time. I was fortunate to continue a friendship with him after the war. Despite our governments becoming adversaries immediately after VJ day, we cooperated many times outside the auspices of government knowledge or control. When he did disappear in Korea in January of 1951, Sergei [Red Star] and I were sent to investigate. To the dismay of the Kremlin, the Chinese were less than cooperative.

So even though you were around back then, you don’t believe it?

I don’t disagree he disappeared Captain. That is a matter of fact. What I am saying is he is currently as alive as you and I.

That’s an incredible statement Comrade. I hope you are right. How could he stay hidden though?

He has been hiding in plain sight friend.


I believe I’ve met him several times, including just last week. You may have even seen him today.

What!? Comrade, what are you saying?

Friend Roger, B29 is an active and valued member of the SDL...

To be continued...
Posted:  03 Aug 2012 01:51
What the heck??? Is an established SU character actually B29????
Posted:  03 Aug 2012 04:20
Rick- I've had fun with this one! The idea just came to me yesterday and it made allot of sense and answers a few questions. Hope everyone enjoys how it unfolds.
For once I have about 95% of it written before I posted the first part. I'll probably let this one soak in for some speculation before posting part two. Stay tuned......
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 00:36
Who is B29 now? Very interesting question we have here.
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 00:54
MMMmmm Very mysterious
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 02:07
whoa so who's been keeping a big secret? I have an inkling but I'm probably wrong so I'll stay quiet until I find out for sure.

Just as well could be posing as a movie star turned governor of California instead of who I'm thinking.
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 18:42
So is anyone going offer up a guess?

Don't wait too long as Part 2 begins to lay out the suspicions/facts.

Place your bets...
Posted:  04 Aug 2012 22:33
I'm going with Phantom Marvel.

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